What could be more inspirational? I can't think of a single thing. Happy Valentine's Day! 

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and purples and reds ... I don't naturally gravitate towards pink, but I kept running into these lovely shades all week so I thought I'd gather them all together for Valentines.



I am wild about Valentines Day. Mostly because I can cut out paper hearts to hang all over my house, eat heart shaped candy, and make an advent calendar to force my husband and me to go on fun dates every day in February until Valentines Day. Okay, there's nothing forceful about going to get a dozen cupcakes and eating them all in one sitting. Do you have any Valentines Day traditions I should try out?



Since Joy Thigpen had started putting together her workshops, I had promised myself that I would find my way to one sooner or later (preferably sooner). She was a huge influence in my decisions to pursue styling work, so it only made sense. When I got a message in my inbox saying Joy would be having one in Georgia at the beginning of January, I wasted no time in signing up. 

I can't even begin to explain how awesomely magical it was. If you don't know who Joy Thigpen is, you should immediately google her and take a look at her work. Being able to sit in a room full of like-minded individuals, listening to Joy talk about her journey as a stylist and her philosophy on aesthetics was incredible. It was made even more magical by the beautiful venue Joy chose. I have even considered permanently moving to Serenbe on multiple occasions throughout the last few weeks (especially after looking through my photos over and over).

Part of the workshop also included a "how to make & shoot flowers" section, which I loved. Watching Joy effortlessly create one of the most beautiful arrangements I've ever seen was pretty fantastic. She's unbelievably talented. 

We also got a chance to do some arranging of our own.

As much as I loved the workshop and didn't want it to end, I also couldn't wait to get home and start implementing every last bit of what I had learned. It was definitely the best thing I could have done for myself as a creative and as an owner of a styling company. I'll be keeping you all in the loop as I start rebranding and refocusing my company in the next couple months. 



This last Saturday we had our annual Christmas shindig. Usually we try to pack as many holiday activities into one night and we tend to be rather successful at it. This year we had mandatory holiday sweaters (many of which were homemade), cookie decorating, a gingerbread house competition, an un-talent show (think stand up comedy routine and juggling), a white elephant gift exchange (where my husband brought a framed photo of himself), and we ended the night watching It's a Wonderful Life. It was a great way to kick off a long holiday weekend.




 Alright, just a few more snippets of the holiday decor around the house. I opted out of putting lights on the tree this time because of how quickly it seems to dry up the needles. Maybe my observations are inaccurate, but it seems our tree is definitely more green than it has been in previous years. We also don't have a fireplace so we hung our handmade stockings onto a leftover christmas tree branch. I still have about 15 branches left over, so I'm thinking wreaths for friends and maybe a holiday chandelier above the kitchen table? We'll see how crafty I'm feeling this week!



Now I understand that it's not officially winter just yet, but if I have to wear a scarf and mittens, that constitutes as winter-time to me. Here is a short list of the little things I look forward to every winter season.

1 ) Wonderful holiday drinks. I can't end my day without a hot chocolate. Just ask my husband how many times he's had to drive to the local coffee shop or grocery store for hot chocolate and you'll certainly get an eye roll and a head shake. It's embarrassing, but thats what happens around these parts. Let's not forget about the spiced apple cider and eggnog.

2 ) Playing in the snow. I'm sad to report that the last magnificent snowfall here was in 2008 and I'm not really holding out for this year to make my snowy dreams come true. However, this doesn't mean I can't drive an hour out to the mountains for some snowy good times.

3 ) Christmas tree hunting. We went hunting the day after Thanksgiving in the pouring rain. It was almost awful, except that we found the best tree in all the lands. But this is really one of my favorite activities of all the holiday season.

4 ) Getting cozy. I bring out the holiday blankets and borrow some oversized sweaters from the husband. I even sleep with two additional quilts. I just love this season for it's coziness.

5 ) Gift giving. Although I don't give into the commercialization of this holiday all too much, I do like to give useful gift to family and friends. To be honest, I really just love wrapping the gifts.

6 ) Holiday decorating. This is my all-time favorite. I don't go out and purchase obnoxious or flashy home decorations, instead I use leftover branches from our tree for all our additional decor. All of our ornaments are plain glass balls I picked up at Goodwill a couple years back. I really find joy in reusing seasonal decor and getting creative with what I already have on hand.

So what are a few things you look forward to this winter season?

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I'm in pretty serious denial that the month of December is actually here. I mean, come on! Wasn't it just last week that I was complaining about the heat and wearing sandals everywhere? The only thing that is helping me cope with the idea of the year being *this close* to ending is all the celebrating that is sure to go on. Of course I'll do my best to share with you. Look out for a wintery to-do list this week.



I really have a soft spot for christmas trees and I tend to keep mine up well into February (whoops!). I also have a tendency to keep all the chopped off branches to turn into various wreaths and swag throughout the house. I found this glass jar in my parents basement a few years back and it sure does make a pretty vase, no?



This thanksgiving was by far one of my favorites that I can remember.  My sister, my husband, and I cooked the whole meal, dessert included, and decorated.  We decided to give my mom a break from all the holiday stress since my parents were leaving on their vacation early the next morning.  Everything from preparing the menu to setting the table was my favorite.  Here's the invitation I emailed the family a week before Thanksgiving.
For centerpieces, my sister and I went on a walk and collected whatever plant life we could and arranged them a couple hours before the guests arrived. The old brass candleholders were from a past wedding and the driftwood I've been collecting from the beach where my husband proposed. 

We served the most incredible thyme and paprika turkey and parmesan garlic mashed potatoes and my sisters cranberry and fig sauce was superb.  I'm drooling just thinking about all the goodies again.  I really hope your Thanksgiving was just as delicious as mine was.