flower dilema.

am i seriously getting married next weekend? i was chatting with my little brother about it this morning and we decided it was just too weird and unreal.

another weird and unreal hiccup in my wedding planning is flowers. who would have thought the cold weather would not only kill off my sweet ranunculus but also cause my dear peonies to stay shut. darn you cold weather & rip my little rununculus.

(top row, bottom row)


  1. You can always force the peonies to open by putting them in hot water. Too bad about the ranunculus so so sad. I hope I do not have to deal with too much flower drama on my big day. I can rest easy somewhat knowing we are in a warmer climate down here in socal. I hope the flower drama is the least of your worries as your big day approaches.

  2. haha yes you californians have it so so good. but at this point i'm actually a-okay with everything. even if i don't get peonies!

  3. What a bummer about the ranunculus. Glad to hear you taking it so well!

  4. By the way, still trying to comment with open ID every time and it continues to fail. I'm thoroughly frustrated.