back from the whirlwind.

so it's been a little while, no? last time i was on here, i was in the middle of stressing about my honeymoon and being anxious for my wedding. and after a whirlwind of three weeks, it's all over. my grand bouquet filled with peonies and ranunculus is dead. the last of the wedding cake has been digested. and the photographer has uploaded the images from our wedding day. i couldn't have been happier. as much as i loved my wedding, i am sooooo glad it's behind me. marriage is so much more joyous than a wedding ever could be.

here are some photos from the wedding day brought to you by the always fantastic daniel usenko. yeah. he's pretty awesome.

i'm sure i'll put some more pictures up eventually. i hope these babies hold you over until then.


  1. Kae, your photos are gorgeous. The photo of you throwing your head back and laughing is priceless.

    I am so glad to hear this: "marriage is so much more joyous than a wedding ever could be." Can't wait.

  2. oh my goodness so beautiful! you guys are

    And... I so agree with Julia. Lately I've been feeling guilty that I've almost been wishing time away because I'm just so ready to be married and to get this big day out of the way. There is SO much pressure on this ONE day. It's silly, really. Yes, it will be beautiful and happy and emotional, but it's just one day... And the important part is that I'm make a life long commitment to someone I am madly in love with.

    Hope you had a wonderful honeymoon-- I can't wait to hear about it!

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  4. there is a season for everything, and the engagement period is a wonderful season filled with much emotion, anxiety and stress. it's also the only time you'll ever plan your own wedding - so enjoy the planning process. look at tons of pictures. plan every detail. it's really okay. don't feel guilty for wanting a nice wedding. it really pays off when you do the work.

    i love that everyone is getting married this summer. and i absolutely can't wait for both of your weddings (!!!!)

  5. Your wedding is such an inspiration! I was wondering where your reception is?