cup of jo.

me and the husband decided to put our will power to the test. We decided to go on a bit of a coffee fast. not entirely, since surviving without coffee for the both of us would surely result in nap-time at work and glares at the co-workers. no good. instead we decided to fast from buying coffee and instead decided to brew and bring coffee from home. day one hasn’t been bad. thankfully there are plenty of pretty mugs out there to keep me interested in my home-made concoctions.

what kind of cutie are you drinking your coffee from?

(top row: 1, 2 bottom row: 1, 2)


  1. I stopped drinking coffee during the work week entirely and now drink Yerba Mate tea which still gives you the energy boost like coffee and keeps your mind alert. I was even able to get my sister off drinking coffee with this tea too. Good luck with the coffee fast. Although I do still enjoy a mean sou latte on the weekends.

  2. i've been trying to switch to tea for such a long time now, but something about tea just isn't as comforting enough as coffee.

    but i'm still giving it a try!

  3. I love collecting pretty mugs. All the better when they don't match. Good luck!