italy in film.

after waiting a couple weeks to develop my film from italy, i finally dropped my six rolls of film off at my local film developing center. i was so excited to reminisce over my pictures, i had butterflies in my belly! when i went to pick them up the next day, i was very sad to learn that none of them had turned out! oh the tears! actually, there were no tears. however an appointment with the camera doctor is in order!

all the more reason to return to italy. perhaps next time my pictures will turn out!

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  1. not a single one? that's weird. what was the problem?

  2. I saw the title "Italy in Film" in my feed and super excited to see what you captured... only to hear this terrible news?!

    That is tragic. 6 rolls!

  3. Oh no what a bummer! But perhaps it isn't such a bad thing that your memories are only in your mind? Sometimes photos can alter the way you remember something... That can be a bad or good thing!