good wednesday.

i have been such a lousy blogger. which may lead you to think that i'm accomplishing more at work but that's not really the case. i've just been ignoring you because it means more work on my never-ending conveyor belt of things to do. and for that i most sincerely apologize.
so enough of that ..... how was your weekend? mine was packed full of manual labor and endless miles of driving at all hours of the day and night. and right when i'm about to curl up in bed with a good old-fashioned vanilla cupcake (yes, for breakfast! don't judge me!) i remember that the conveyor belt of things to do is still moving along quite quickly and i run after it, catching all i can before i run out of time.

i'm currently working on a good friends wedding (it's THIS saturday!) and there are so many fun little projects to finish.i hope you all have a wildly productive rest of your week, as i'm sure i will if i get my hands on some cupcakes already!

 oh and lastly here is a photo of a table-scape. all i can say is holy smokes.



  1. I've been chasing my conveyor belt of things to do all summer and there's no end in sight. That table scape is stunning.

  2. Um, wow. My mind cannot even process the awesomeness that is that table scape!