let me introduce you.

these are my new cats. one is black and one is white.

here is mittens. she takes her nap time very seriously. she is curious and tends to find herself in places she does not belong, such as behind the refrigerator and in the fireplace.

this is her sister coco. she too will agree that nap time is utterly important. she has a very mellow and quiet personality though her sneaky techniques are surpassed by none. she enjoys prosciutto and parmesan cheese among others.

together the form an inseparable bond of sisterly love. though it usually begins and ends with a tussle. very sweet.


  1. they are the cutest. I just want to hug them ever so tightly and give them big kisses. thanks for sharing the photos.

  2. aaand they have the cutest little meows. they sound like mice peeping at each other. and yes stacy! we got a couch. i suppose i should introduce my couch as well.

  3. oh man oh man!!! i can't take this cuteness, i want to jump through my screen & cuddle up with them :)

  4. oh boy! Now I have to come visit the kitties AND the couch!