the ceremony.

After seeing my husband, I felt like we had already gotten married. It wasn't until we were done snapping some pictures that my soon-to-be husband and I realized that we still have the entire wedding awaiting us. Me and the girls went off to freshen up while the boys took off to the ceremony location. 

My bridesmaids, my father and I all walked through a little forest to get to the ceremony location. It was so sweet watching all the guests arrive and hurry to their seats. I was so surprised that almost everyone actually found the tree! 

When we began walking down the aisle and the harpist began playing "moon river", I realized this was theee most awesome thing I could have ever imagined. Being surrounded by your closest family and friends and entering this new unknown territory is entirely unexplainable! From what the guests told me, as soon as I was in viewing distance of my almost-husband, I literally ran to him. Apparently I couldn't wait much longer to be married

My husband's uncle also happens to be an elder at our church and he also dealt with us during our pre-marital counciling so it was only fitting that he marry us as well. 

When Uncle Ben told us it was time to say our vows, my mind went completely blank. I had the most difficulty remembering all the clever inside jokes I added into my vows. Everyone thought I was pausing to keep myself from crying, when in fact I was simply trying to remember what I had been practicing for a few weeks in my head. Good thing the mister was wise enough to write his vows down.

Our ceremony seemed to end as quickly as it had begun! Before we knew it, we were announced man and wife. I think we were both so startled to hear this, that when we went in for the smooch we completely bonked each other in the face. it was HILARIOUS, hence the laughing bridesmaids and groomsmen. 

As soon as we finished our smooch, we stole away behind some trees to congratulate each other in private.

up tomorrow: the reception!


  1. So sweet! I love your stories, your dress, and that chandelier!

  2. Congratulations on your wedding! So exciting :) Loved this post...so, so sweet :)

  3. Love this post, well written and again I got goosebumps reading it.

  4. love this! We totally felt the same way about already feeling married after the first look and all the portraits. We were so excited there was so much fun left to be had! Love your smooch story :)

  5. You ran to him down the aisle?... too sweet.

  6. Gorgeous ceremony! Where did your husband find his suit?

  7. mcc he found it at banana republic! and on sale at that!

  8. Can I ask where you found the bridesmaid dresses? I am in love!