christmas decor and such.

good morning! i hope your tuesday is going by ever-so warmly. i've been out and about preparing for my move, attempting to throw out anything i won't be needing and don't have room for. 

unfortunately i happen to be the worlds biggest pack rat (think shelves of binders and homework from high school and every vogue since 2003). i think i need my husband to intervene at this point since my mind has floated past the move entirely and is currently thinking about christmas. 

i'm usually the one who breaks open the tattered cardboard boxes of decorations the morning after thanksgiving and demands that my brothers return with only the finest noble fir they can get their hands on. so i'm a tad tyrannical when it comes to christmas decor. no biggie. so now that i've got my very own place, i think i may go crazy with the decorating. well. almost. i decided to limit myself here. i'm giving myself a whopping $100 to decorate our entire home. ehhhh. i'm not the worlds best budgeter (just ask my husband about our wedding budget), but i think i can handle this self-imposed challenge.

oh and here is my color board  for the decorations.


  1. $100 is a lot! You can make that go a long way if you shop carefully.

    For our 1st Christmas we just bought a few ornaments (clear glass bulbs and lovely little icicles) and kept it simple with lots of lights, candles, and strung candy and the like (I used Russian and French candies because they were so bright and colorful). I remember that 1st Christmas wanting a lovely tree and home, but not wanting to get everything at once. I like the idea of slowly accumulating lovely things instead of running out and buying tons of new things because they're a tad bit cheaper.

    We always buy one nice ornament at Christmas, and usually it's something connected with an event that happened that year (last year's was an enamel key because we moved into our 1st house!), and instead of giving gifts to each other on our anniversary, we go away and while on our trip we buy an ornament. The anniversary ornaments are my favorite simply because they're very un-Christmas... we've bought a glass bird, a gold maple leaf, a little handmade pirate ship, etc. in the past. and every time I pull out that ornament, I remember when and where we bought it.

    Have fun :) and share your finds and ideas!


  2. Love your new banner oh so darling and sweet. I did the same thing the years previous (the budget for decor) and remember year after year you will keep adding new decor items and before you know it you will run out of room for storing the decor away. I know have a giant house for storage and for decorating so i am going to go crazy this year. Yay, for holidays.

  3. I love the new header.
    Oh and I heard that cute Christmas decorations are no fun..if you don't have a tea party to show them off..ahem..

  4. anya - that is such a sweet idea to collect tree ornaments! i bet you and your offspring (and their offspring) will have such a good time recalling where the decorations came from! i'll definitely keep you posted on all the decor i come up with!

    inessa - so excited to see what you'll do this year. you should give me a virtual house tour when everything is up and looking pretty!

    alla - you must come over as soon as everything is prepared. i'll make cranberry walnut bread!

  5. I love the color palette! Post photos of what you come up with :)

  6. I love your modern take on Christmas colors! So pretty!