the first look.

me and my soon-to-be husband decided that we should probably have our first look somewhere meaningful to our relationship. I couldn't think of a more appropriate field than the one we used to jog beside while we were dating and engaged. though, come to think of it, i think we took more walks than jogs through here, but nonetheless it was the most perfect little spot.  
our photographer took my man out into the field where he wouldn't be able to see me arrive. i had to hike what seemed like eternity all the way out to him in my heels. i couldn't help but giggle all the way there.
i am so so so happy we decided to see each other before the ceremony, it wasn't some crazy emotional experience, but it was so calming and it immediately put me at ease. 


  1. love it, and we decided to do this as well before the ceremony

  2. Awww, this is so cute I love your face right after he turned around! Adorable!