a good place to start.

as far as the basics for my christmas decor, i think garland is pretty darn important. i can string it on just about everything in sight (tree, light fixtures, cats) and call it good on the decorating.

my first real inspiration for garland was this necklace from anthropologie last year. since paper is somewhat inexpensive, i think i'm going to have to make most of my garland from it. i'm talking ridiculous amounts of garland here. i'll keep most of it in basic neutral colors i can use in future decorating (golds, ivories) and for a few i'll use deep corals and some minty greens.

( garland clockwise: 1 2 3 4 )


  1. That necklace is stunning.

    New to your lovely blog and loving it!
    :) Christine

  2. Garlands are the easiest, most fab way to decorate. Especially on a budget. For every celebration/holiday. This post (and even the colors) reminded me of your project!


  3. welcome to the blog, christine! i wish that necklace was in my possession right now! it's so lovely.

    that garland is perfect, julia. it would look great all over our new ceiling!

  4. cute blog!! Love these ideas and decor!