a married thanksgiving.

Until I got married, I never worried about holidays. My stress level only went up when I saw my brothers piling on too much mashed potatoes before the bowl got to me. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not worried now but I certainly have more to consider this Thanksgiving. Since both of our families live within a ten mile radius from us, how do we decide which family to cut the turkey with? What if the in-laws don't like my cranberry-walnut salad? What should I wear? Me and my husband decided this year to have dinner with his family and dessert with mine.

How do you decide which side of the family to spend Thanksgiving with?


  1. We alternate each year. Thanksgiving with one and Christmas with the other since my folks are quite far away. This year we are staying in Cali to save $ for wedding and honeymoon.

  2. We've done two Thanksgivings before! My family usually eats early (around 2) and then we went to my now in-laws around 6. Let's just say I was stuffed! This year, the in-laws are just coming over to my family's Thanksgiving. I am so excited to spend our first married Thanksgiving with both of our families. It's going to be super awesome and special!!

    i think the dinner/dessert break up is a great idea. You could also split Thanksgiving/Christmas and switch off every year...

  3. Make your two sets of parents eat at diff times. Last year, I went to my family's dinner at 4 and his family's at 7. Two dinners are better than one!

  4. Does this mean I get to see you for Christmas, Inessa?

    Julia - I wish we could do different times, but they are both eating at 6:30! it's okay, we'll just wing it this year and see how it works. say, what are you two hooligans doing for thanksgiving? sacrificing any more lambs?

    Liz - that's amazing that you can have both families together for thanksgiving. i don't know how often that gets to happen! let me know how it turns out!

  5. sorry inessa, i just re-read that. i guess i won't be seeing you until your wedding! (if i'm invited that is)

  6. You have echoed my sentiments exactly. I'm dating my bf seriously and his parents live close to where we each live in Southern California. My parents live in Canada where I was born and raised, however his mom thinks we should spend all of the holidays with her. I'm so stressed out I think I've got hives!!

    I can't even get to dinner since I'm not sure where I'll be eating it :(


  7. oh no carrie! that sounds down-right awful! i hope you can figure something out before christmas comes around.

  8. Kae, no more lamb sacrificing but we had fish for dinner. Couldn't find Turkey. We skyped with my family during their Thanksgiving dinner. It felt special.