so this is my surprise. this is what has been draining me of time and energy. it's been under wraps for far too long and with the help of a few very (very, very) fantastic souls* i would like to introduce to you, my dear friends, short and sweet design. 

yes. we style weddings and yes we talk about weddings all the time. and now we have a sweet little place in this blogosphere to share our joy with you. i'm not sure why i keep referring to myself as if there is more than one of me. anyways you'll find me sharing more wedding goodies here:
twitter - kaezhereb

and don't worry. i'll still be here too. i promise. 

 those fantastic folks happen to be stacey & julia! stacey for working tirelessly with my darn website and julia for making the nifty logo!


  1. looking forward to seeing many beautiful and wonderful weddings

  2. very lovely
    im excited to follow this for sure :)

  3. AMAZING!!! We are so similar you and I :) Can't wait to follow your adventures beautiful! xo