weekend recap.

This past weekend my husband and I moved from a rental house in the forest to an apartment near the freeway. We had been living in our forest house for exactly six months, which just so happens to be the precise amount of time for one to catch a very bad case of cabin fever.

We assumed that living far from friends and family would somehow help us grow as a couple and give us the room we needed to take up long-forgotten hobbies. After all, this was a cozy house with hardwood floors throughout and about two rooms too many. What we didn’t realize was that we would need to wake up earlier for work, we would be far from any source of communication and we would always feel lonely, even when we were together.

Though living out there was nice for the first week, it quickly began to weigh down on us. I could only liken it to the feeling of wearing a very heavy, over sized coat. This place just didn’t fit and it was beginning to drive us slightly mad. The dampness of the forest and the lack of sunshine finally got to us these last few weeks.

As we backed the truck loaded with our few earthly possessions down the mossy driveway, we felt the heavy coat taken off of us. The feeling of isolation finally lifted. Perhaps you were once stranded on an island after a sailing trip gone awry or got terribly lost in the wilderness whilst pheasant hunting, well, I can tell you that those are the kinds of experiences that would elicit a form of sympathy from you, dear reader.

I type this as my adorable husband puts our new dresser together on the carpeted living room floor after I made dinner in my nearly-cramped kitchen. Sure, I don’t get a spare space to store my half-baked projects and I can see every room in our new home from my front door, but it doesn’t bother me. At this point, I am quite content with simple joy of getting to sleep in an extra half-hour.

anyways... I hope you had an enjoyable snowy weekend!



  1. Living near the freeway and close to school/work (whichever comes first in the morning) is so worth it! Although I would have liked to visit this mossy cabin of yours. Good luck with furnishing the new apartment. It's much easier with a man around.

  2. sounds like the move went well. good luck unpacking and settling into your new home.

  3. julia, i agree! today i got to work in half an hour, as opposed to the usual hour and a half!! it has been fantastic so far. but i can't quite agree on the decorating yet. mostly because my husband is opposing my hanging a gigantic school map i salvaged years ago above the couch.

  4. living in the forest sounds so sweet and romantic but I bet the lack of sunshine would get to me too. Congrats on your new home :)

  5. Yay, I'm glad that the heavy coat was lifted & that you're liking the new place

  6. Oh man, I can't wait until we get to furnish a home together! Good luck with the map.