weekend & wedding recap week.

welcome to monday, friends. I hope all is well with you this chilly morning! I had a wonderful weekend with the husband. we finally made up our minds and put a deposit on a place closer to work, and, well civilization in general. we also had breakfast at our favorite ma and pa cafe - the same place we went the morning after our wedding for pancakes and coffee. yummm! after some reminiscing over french toast, I decided it's time to share those fond memories! so in the spirit of Mrs. Liz, this week is official wedding recap week.
Below is a picture of me and my cute bridesmaid and maid of honor during the rehearsal under our oak tree the evening before the wedding. This is after about 8 hours of setting up and decorating the reception hall. We were all so exhausted but so excited for the festivities. I don't think there was even an ounce of stress in this photo.

Coming up tomorrow : The morning of and getting pretty.


  1. Oh my, I am excited for this wedding recap! You look gorgeous and I am so happy and impressed that you had zero stress the night before your wedding. Bring on the goodies...

  2. Lucky you with zero stress. My wedding is 5 months away and I am perpetually becoming more stressed out about it as the day approaches. I know it will all go well it's all the planing and making of things that have to happen before the big day. Oh and I should be getting my e-shoot photos back by the end of this week hopefully.

  3. if you do all the planning and stressing now, you'll be totally stress free later! I'm sooooo excited to see the pictures. I've been thinking about them all last week!

  4. aww yay! I can't wait to read every entry! :) I don't believe this photo was taken after 8 hours of setting up... You look too pretty!!! hehe

    Where are you guys moving? You live in Portland, right? Congrats on the new place! Hope you love it!