typeface joy.

As you may (or quite possibly may not) be aware, but I am fiercely fond of all forms of typeface found on planet earth. always have loved it, always will. So of course I jumped with joy at this print I found in an old catalog dating back to 1900. Fantastic wouldn't you say?

(unicorn graphics)


pretty in pink ...

how cozy does this place look? i am so completely in love. what girl hasn't dreamed of living in such a sweet castle. what a beautiful place to call home. i found them over at lobster and swan.


pattern goodness!!

i found this great book today over at wedding style guide and i am quite certain that i need to purchase it immediately. some of these patterns had my brain spinning! i adore it so!

(patterns above)


foggy mornings...

so one of my all-time favorite photographers, jose villa, goes and shoots one of my all time favorite things: foggy mornings. not to mention in film. which makes everything ooze with dreamy goodness. i feel so wonderful staring at these images.