small masterpeice.

i couldn't help but post this amazing company from california that rents out 18th & 19th century antique tableware for weddings. everything from haviland limoges china to antique monogram sterling silver flatware. swoon.

(small masterpiece)

wedding colors.

i have yet to see the exact compilation of colors i'll be using at my wedding, except for the collection in my head, which isn't really that helpful when trying to find the right shade of gray for your table linens. anyways, here's a little sneak peak at our colors.

p.s: 46 days to go (!!!!)

(sugar & fluff)

dice letterpress.

i am a lover of letterpress and i enjoy seeing how it continues to be made more awesome all the time. i found this neat seller on etsy who lays out dice into beautiful patterns, applies ink and prints them like your standard letterpress. pretty awesome, eh? you can purchase a number of his prints here.


anna miminoshvili.

are these gorgeous or what? they have such a rich and feminine quality to them. i would've loved to have my wedding dress made by anna miminoshvili. such wishful thinking!

(merci new york)


paper cup art.

i love love love getting my morning coffee. it is such a treat to arrive at my office and find my morning coffee and marionberry danish smiling at me. oh the perks of working down the street from your beloved. anyways, back to coffee - its great. it's fantastic. it is so perfect on those cloudy northwest mornings. honestly there are few things that rate higher than my morning cup of jo, except maybe really swell design. well can you imagine my joy when i found these very beautiful paper coffee cups? bliss for all the senses!!



happy weekend.

so what are your plans for this weekend? truth be told, i haven't planned a single thing - and it's supposed to be such a pretty couple of days! perhaps after some arts and crafts, i'll go on a picnic with my sweet man.

have a happy weekend!

p.s: i love ranunculus !!


lisa kellner.

i recently stumbled across the artwork of lisa kellner. i must say, it was oh so refreshing to gaze at her very pretty artwork. if perhaps you're wondering what to get me for a belated half-birthday present, i would enjoy one of her pieces considerably.


engagement photos.

so here are our engagement shots. i thought i should probably post these since i mentioned them earlier. just some background on these babies - we booked our photographer a week after we got engaged. daniel usenko was such an obvious choice. we chatted about what we wanted our engagement shoot to look and feel like and in december we drove three hours up to seattle (where he lives) from portland (where we live) to shoot our pictures. it was twenty degrees and extremely windy. to keep from getting the rudolph effect in our photos we would dive from one coffee shop to another. by the end of the day i had consumed more caffeine than i do in an entire week. after six hours of shooting, we drove back home. we were entirely exhausted but so so blessed that it had not rained on us aaannnd we got exactly what we wanted - a european cold war-ish feel. now i'm really looking forward to our wedding shots!


engagement session at lax.

after me and my fiance shot our engagement photos back in december, i thought if i should see another engagement session i would surely vomit. this turned out to not be the case. if anything i began to appreciate them even more. i found a very neat-o shoot this morning - unfortunately it has me wanting to re-shoot ours. oh boy.

(luna photo)


wooden spoons.

do you find it strange that i am in love with spoons? i suspect its not the spoons themselves that have me lightheaded, but rather the use of such fantastic wood. each spoon is hand made according to the personality and characteristics of the tree. isn't is wonderful knowing the spoon that will feed your dear friends was crafted with the same love and consideration as the slit pea soup you prepared? i so deeply love when attention is show to such mundane things! and until i get to hand make my own home goods, i'll be eying these wooden ladles and soup spoons!

(wooden spoons)


happy weekend.


my dearest friends, what are you doing this weekend? tomorrow, me and the soon-to-be mister are going shopping for groomsmen attire. and we're sanding a picture frame. and probably eating a birthday cupcake (or three). here are some more goodies for you to enjoy:

how fantastic is this brides gown?

okay. now i'm ready to travel.

what an adorable birthday party.

a mermaid tear collection i envy.


anthropologie necklace love.

anthropologie and i have been friends for years now. i've always been drawn to her fantastic sundresses and fancy shoes. her jewelery, however, is my all time favorite! here's what had me swooning from her march catalog.


apartment goodness.

do you know who the hovey sisters are? neither do i, but it appears they did their share of flea market scouting to spruce up their fine new york apartment. well done ladies.

(rackk and ruin)


today i thought i'd bring you some more water-inspired treats. i just couldn't resist representing a little bit of the mother country. aren't the colors great?

(stefan kanchev)


more underwater goodness.

my buddy artem posted this video of old world lies by the brasstronaut on his blog and it goes along perfectly with my underwater inspiration for this week. so great wouldn't you say?

Brasstronaut - Old World Lies from Salazar on Vimeo.

underwater inspiration.

how awesome (awesome, awesome, awesome) are these save the dates i found on green wedding shoes? i think it could also be a fantastic trash the dress session