short dress.

had i known back in october when i was ordering my wedding dress, that our location would change five times from a church to an open field under an enormous oak tree, i probably would have opted for something without a ridiculously long and delicate train. in fact, i probably would have gotten this dress. so so pretty and probably wouldn't interfere with my walking-through-mud abilities!

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stripes please.

i got to spend some good quality time with my older sister this afternoon doing what we do best - shopping. after making my rounds from the summery dresses and the colorful scarves, i was suddenly stopped mid-stride by the realization that every article of clothing i was lugging around the store with me was striped! everything. not a single flower print. not even anything solid. all stripes. then i remembered a recent (yesterday) trip to nordstrom where i had acquired several tee shirts. they too were guilty of being striped. what is it about stripes that i find so attractive? could it be that they remind me of my childhood love of sailing? or is it that stripes give the illusion that i am less of a twig and more of a normal sized human? i'm actually not sure. all i know is that this summer will be one of many stripes. and i'm looking forward to it.

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bridal shower details.

i thought i'd post some details from my bridal shower. i'm astounded by the lack of photographs that were taken. so uncharacteristic of me! but nonetheless, here are photographs of the invitations and some of the decorations. all handmade, of course.


more wedding details.

here's another piece of our wedding puzzle.

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summer come quick!

have you seen this magical shoot by daniel usenko? it makes me wish summer were here already!


there is a high chance that today may be my most productive day of the year, considering i've had my coffee and nutella adorned croissant before noon. alright. now i'm off to do some real work around here.

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bridal shower decor.

today i'm helping my sister with decorations for my bridal shower. i understand that most people like to be surprised and all that fun stuff, but i happen to be the most impossible person to surprise, actually i'm kind of impossible all around. but anyways the bridal shower is this weekend and i am very much looking forward to it. yay for pastries and tea!

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wedding details.

i can't believe i haven't been gushing about my wedding on here. actually i can believe it. it's hard enough trying to explain what exactly is going on in my brain, in terms of design, but i guess this is where pictures are handy. so i thought i'd share a few details about the wedding - so you know what to expect. i'll try to do this more often since i have so little time left (32 days ...!)

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sick day.

today i'm taking a personal day, and by personal day i really mean sick, moping around the house and doing laundry day. i'll be doing a lot of tea drinking and snoozing. which actually does not sound that bad.

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oregon love.

heres a little something i found for all us oregon lovers.

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room likes.

here are some pretty rooms and knickknacks i'm fond of today. can't wait to hang my salvaged school map on our living room wall.

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russian alphabet.

don't you wish you learned your russian abc's with these intricate beauties? me too.



pre-ceremony look.

until a week ago, i was very opposed to having the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony. today, i'm all for it. it just makes so much sense to have the couple spend some precious moments alone before the whirlwind of the actual wedding happens. oh and a huge plus is shots of you seeing your honey all dressed up! check out this bride and groom! sooo sweet!!

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bridal shower joy.

how fancy is this photo shoot? so dreamy! and the perfect inspiration for my upcoming bridal shower. it was printed in vogue girl korea, march 2007, and i'm only seeing this goodness now?


sweaters galore.

there is never really an ideal time to get married in the pacific northwest, weather wise, and now that my wedding day is merrily making it's way closer, my dear bridesmaids have suggested that some pretty cardigans are in order - in the event of cold and rain (which i am desperately hoping will not be words used on may 15th!!) at least i know that my bridesmaids and i will be nice and cozy in one of these sweet little sweaters.

(top row: j.crew, middle row: anthropologie, bottom row: forever 21)