style me pretty.

guess what? you know that really swell wedding blog -style me pretty- that features neat-o weddings all the time? the blog you sit in front of every morning going ooh and ahh? the one that you save all the pictures from in your "wedding loves" folder on your desktop? well this morning they posted my little wedding on style me pretty. neat, huh?

go check it out.


cup of jo.

me and the husband decided to put our will power to the test. We decided to go on a bit of a coffee fast. not entirely, since surviving without coffee for the both of us would surely result in nap-time at work and glares at the co-workers. no good. instead we decided to fast from buying coffee and instead decided to brew and bring coffee from home. day one hasn’t been bad. thankfully there are plenty of pretty mugs out there to keep me interested in my home-made concoctions.

what kind of cutie are you drinking your coffee from?

(top row: 1, 2 bottom row: 1, 2)



the weekend is nearly here! what are you cool cats up to? i'll be fixing leaky faucets and other equally mundane house-y tasks. i will also be working feverishly to finish up this secret i've been holding from you guys. so keep on the lookout for that, it'll be coming out soon. other than that, have a very sunny weekend!

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italy in film.

after waiting a couple weeks to develop my film from italy, i finally dropped my six rolls of film off at my local film developing center. i was so excited to reminisce over my pictures, i had butterflies in my belly! when i went to pick them up the next day, i was very sad to learn that none of them had turned out! oh the tears! actually, there were no tears. however an appointment with the camera doctor is in order!

all the more reason to return to italy. perhaps next time my pictures will turn out!

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wedding bouquet.

this past week i received all my wedding pictures. what joy! today i want to share my pretty, pretty bouquet with you. remember how all the ranunculus died and all the peonies were too cold to open the week before my wedding? well thanks to holland, who apparently grows them this time of year too, i was able to have my dreamy bouquet.

and thanks, (again, and again) to daniel usenko for shooting these. oh and i forgot all about sweet anna from flower belle who actually arranged it for me!


yvonne wong engagement photos.

once again, i've been browsing through photographs, trying to get inspired. i was quite over balloons in engagement photographs by last summer, but when i saw this shoot i fell in love all over again. aren't these images completely gorgeous and entirely romantic? oh if only my husband were as insane as me and desperately wanted to take some pretend engagement pictures. err. anyways, you can find more of yvonne wongs fantastic pictures on her blog.


sollinero prints.

i love art. i really do. and i like when it covers my walls. so lately i've been looking for fun prints, since i haven't the time to make my own. i found these cute guys on etsy today and i'd love to hang them up in my office!

you can purchase these pretties here.

here are some other prints she's done that are equally precious.

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one month.

holy smokes! this morning one of my dear friends reminded me that as of today, i've been married for an entire month. such craziness. me and my sweet man will head over to one of our favorite coffee and crepe spots to celebrate.

nothing beats celebrating a one month anniversary! except for maybe celebrating a two month anniversary.

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rain rain, go away.

i've been dreaming of traveling again. the husband, however, has not. i suppose sitting in train stations and language barriers are not his cup of lady grey tea. this northwest rain is making me quite gloomy and some tropical sunshine would be quite nice at the moment. but anyway, tomorrow our second photographer is bringing by some contact sheets from the wedding. they're in film and it's quite exciting.

oh and on another bright note, me and my sweet older sister have been working on a top secret project. i'll keep you updated. it's quite exciting!

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house wife.

today i've been feeling particularly house-wifish, washing breakfast dishes and ironing laundry. this is currently a part-time gig, since i'm at work every other day. i don't like that laundry day has to fall on a tuesday or a thursday. slightly inconvenient, but what can you do. today i will perfect my egg-poaching skills to impress the husband. yeah. i adore being married.

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back from the whirlwind.

so it's been a little while, no? last time i was on here, i was in the middle of stressing about my honeymoon and being anxious for my wedding. and after a whirlwind of three weeks, it's all over. my grand bouquet filled with peonies and ranunculus is dead. the last of the wedding cake has been digested. and the photographer has uploaded the images from our wedding day. i couldn't have been happier. as much as i loved my wedding, i am sooooo glad it's behind me. marriage is so much more joyous than a wedding ever could be.

here are some photos from the wedding day brought to you by the always fantastic daniel usenko. yeah. he's pretty awesome.

i'm sure i'll put some more pictures up eventually. i hope these babies hold you over until then.