more true than i'd like to admit. don't tell my husband.

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favorite things friday.

favorite thing this friday: this poster. so fun. so cute. 

have a happy weekend!


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new additions.

i'm a little bit anxious. well a little more excited than anxious. on saturday we will have two new additions to our teeny family. we're getting kittens. we decided on two since we're not home enough and we can only assume companionship is a pretty big deal, even to a kitten.

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forgotten film.

i have a strange habit of holding onto old rolls of film until i forget which memories i captured with them. i suppose the fun that comes with that is developing a roll and being completely surprised by its contents. today i found three rolls of film as i was considering the daunting task of cleaning my office. they were, i discovered, from a soggy trip to cannon beach.


favorite things friday.

favorite things this friday: the comfort of a cozy cafe.

i have been enjoying this soggy weather so so much. my mind wanders back to fall-times of past , and oh is it wonderful. i look forward to more cozy cafe days. enjoy your weekend.

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house wifey.

i found these lovlies today and i could not stop looking at them. everything is ever so perfect in these photographs. be sure to check out the rest of the collection here.


jo malone.

have you heard of jo malone? well, i've fallen madly in love recently and now i'm wearing the pomegranate lotion with a spritz of nectarine blossom on top. pretty darn delicious smelling. and just look at the ads for jo malone. almost as tasty looking as it is smelling, wouldn't you say?!

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favorite things friday.

favorite things this friday: the sea, with goes hand-in-glove with sailboats.

have a charming weekend.

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summer come back!

is summer nearly over? such grief! we only just stumbled upon each other. i suppose i should be more diligent in my planning of summer festivities and i should probably save my napping for a more hibernation-appropriate season.

here are my latest fancies: a crown of wildflowers, a pair of green onyx earrings and a endless supply of fresh summer flowers.

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favorite things friday

a few of my favorite things: every shade of coral.

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fall lookbook & lipstick.

have you seen the fall lookbook for j.crew yet? their style is so distinct, yet always so surprisingly fresh to me. and if there has ever been a clothing company that makes me want to run out and purchase florescent pink lipstick, it's most certainly j.crew. unfortunately i have discovered that the one they used is called "funny face" by nars, this is unfortunate because i would only be brave enough to purchase the lipstick, but never to wear it.

be sure to check out the lookbook for some fall inspiration here.

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i never liked calling myself a minimalist because i thought it was too close an association with one who loves modern design, or in my vocabulary a modernist. but i have discovered that i am, in fact, quite the minimalist. i still don't have a couch in my living room because of my very particular and excessively peculiar need for minimalism without a hint of modernism.

the problem is not only in my living room, but this morning i discovered that it has spilled over into my kitchen, notably in my china cabinet. if ever you were invited over for some tea, you would find the cranberry scones served on very simple white bone china. this of course worries the girl who makes a great effort of distancing herself from the nearest eileen gray-inspired side table. so today, with an immense eagerness to spruce up my china, i found some beyond-elegant pieces that would make any minimalist swoon!

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