chloe. yes please.

i have been absolutely smitten by chloe's fall 2010 line.so clean, so warm and so modest! not to mention their ad below has re-inspired me to chop my bangs this winter, you know, to keep my forehead warm.

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good wednesday.

i have been such a lousy blogger. which may lead you to think that i'm accomplishing more at work but that's not really the case. i've just been ignoring you because it means more work on my never-ending conveyor belt of things to do. and for that i most sincerely apologize.
so enough of that ..... how was your weekend? mine was packed full of manual labor and endless miles of driving at all hours of the day and night. and right when i'm about to curl up in bed with a good old-fashioned vanilla cupcake (yes, for breakfast! don't judge me!) i remember that the conveyor belt of things to do is still moving along quite quickly and i run after it, catching all i can before i run out of time.

i'm currently working on a good friends wedding (it's THIS saturday!) and there are so many fun little projects to finish.i hope you all have a wildly productive rest of your week, as i'm sure i will if i get my hands on some cupcakes already!

 oh and lastly here is a photo of a table-scape. all i can say is holy smokes.



friday. finally.

this has been one hectic week and it isn't over yet. on Tuesday we had an inspiration shoot (to be revealed in the near future) and this weekend I'll be heading up north for the long awaited wedding of julia (hooray)!!! I'll be slaving away there but I plan on returning for game night on sunday with hot apple cider on hand. oh the joys of fall.
 here are some good finds from this week:

* Joanna finally shared her birth story on a cup of jo. nearly brought me to tears, not to mention a new-found desire for my own little one.
* these make me want to send mail more often.
* I've already failed pretty miserably on most of these.
* wee wedding cakes, i love you!



elizabeth street.

I have a love/love relationship with roman & williams, you know, the same designers that brought you the ace hotel. I have never in my life been so entirely floored by the sheer awesomeness that a design group has to offer. elizabeth 211 has got to be my absolute favorite though. if only it weren't for the 3.8 million dollar price tag.


monday brain.

I definitely have monday brain today and it is made worse only by the fact that I've got a gargantuan project finally solidifying tomorrow (unless the rain decides to intrude, of course).
I think I've been vague enough to not get you even a hint interested. but i want you interested and mildly excited. so I'll let you in on the secret:  we're preparing a photo shoot tomorrow and it's going to be rather stunning!

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favorite things friday.

favorite things this friday: pumpkin.

pumpkin spice lattes. pumpkin pie. pumpkin pie-smelling candles. pumpkin picking. pumpkin cheesecake crepes. and i'm sure there's some nature of pumpkin soup out there that is entirely delicious. i'm not letting up on the pumpkin until december first, where i will pick up peppermint until the sun comes out again.




favorite things friday.

favorite things this friday: everything simple.

after a major dose of inspiration this week comes an even bigger dose of detox from all of it. i just adore all these utterly simple things in life. they look so so refreshing.

i hope you all have a simple weekend. i'll be celebrating a quarter-century birthday for the husband. boy does that sound shocking! but fun nonetheless.



kae 2.0

a few days ago i discovered that i was replaced at work with the kae 2.0. apparently she planned on coming to work on time and cutting copying time in half. whoa. after a friendly reminder that kae 2.0 cannot get coffee or crack a joke, i was allowed to keep my job.


let me introduce you.

these are my new cats. one is black and one is white.

here is mittens. she takes her nap time very seriously. she is curious and tends to find herself in places she does not belong, such as behind the refrigerator and in the fireplace.

this is her sister coco. she too will agree that nap time is utterly important. she has a very mellow and quiet personality though her sneaky techniques are surpassed by none. she enjoys prosciutto and parmesan cheese among others.

together the form an inseparable bond of sisterly love. though it usually begins and ends with a tussle. very sweet.


anastasia marie photoshoot.

a few months ago i received an e-mail from a crafty friend of mine. she was in the middle of re-branding her company and enlisted a few of her buddies to help with the monumental task of showcasing her work in a promo shoot. needless to say i too found myself driving up to seattle to join the rest of the fantastic team. so six models, three photographers and dozens of boxes of props and paper goods later, this was the result.

those were some of my favorites. for all the others (and there are so many others!) visit the blog of daniel usenko.


stamps of disapproval.

i think these stamps were strategically created for me and my current workspace environment. i couldn't imagine a stamp that exemplifies my daily thoughts and emotions more exactly than these. brilliant, i say.

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feast on this.

my absolutely adorable friend finally launched her online shop for all nature of paper goodness. i have been impatiently waiting for far too long! thank you for ending these agonizing months with some serious goodies for my  eyes, stacey!

check out the rest of her website here.