the secret is out.

well. almost. remember that big secret i had many months ago? every so often i would bring it up only to continue teasing you? well next week that will be all over. my secret will be out. no, i am not with child, if that's what you're thinking. though, with all the work i've put into this surprise it sure feels like it.
 so have a happy weekend and i'll be seeing you monday!



smoky alice.

i love pretty things. smoky alice is a very pretty thing. i wish i could give you more information about their clothing, but i had some difficulty with my chinese (it may even be korean) so pictures will have to suffice. language barriers aside, they have fabulous photos that are so laid back and clean and are certain to have me re-creating their looks.


in case you missed it.

and you probably didn't miss it, but julia and yuriy's adorable wedding was featured on green wedding shoes yesterday. see what a lot of blood, sweat and tears can achieve? well, minus the tears.  i do believe i got a paper cut setting up that day so we'll leave the blood part in there. wasn't it so fantastic?


velvet & pearls.

a few things my closet has been begging me to get. she's quite ready to transition into an autumn state and i am right there with her.

see how luxurious a little velvet jacket makes an outfit? i can easily transition some summer dresses with the help of one of these.

(top: 1,2,3 - bottom 1)


roman holiday.

this is rome. we did not expect to stay in rome during our honeymoon for more than a day while passing through to our final destination, but bad weather and a split-second decision to take advantage of our train pass landed us back in rome after the first week of our trip. 

rome is phenomenal. it is rich with culture and over-flowing with yummy carbs. since we hadn't done research on rome before traveling there, we felt  ill-prepared. with nothing but a hotel map in one hand and a camera in the other, we stumbled into the colosseum, discovered some delightful croissants and met some pretty friendly locals. we also made sure to visit all the big tourist-y places too because, well, we just wanted to see what all the commotion was about. it turns out places like the vatican are actually as cool as they look and definitely worth a three hour wait in line. 

as far as going back, well let's just say we are most certainly working on it.


julia & yuriy.

i was just about to post pictures of our roman holiday, when i find out that the wedding pictures for the crafty and wonderful julia and her new hubby were up. and now i'm dying to share. here are my favorites:

pretty sweeeeeeeeeet. check out more here
and their honeymoon traveling site here



these here photos are from the first leg of our honeymoon. after arriving in rome, italy, we hopped on a train that took us through the puglia region and into lecce. this was the last of our short stay there, the weather finally cleared up and we were able to do some exploring.

up tomorrow: rome.


top secret.

so i've been keeping a secret from you. for a long long time. not because i don't like you, no, i like you. i just want it to be perfect. so that's why i'll be revealing it soon. not right now. but soon. very very soon. and i'm so excited! also, i've started a twitter account (follow me here). and i'm sure i'll spill the beans there first, unless someone beats me to it. so stay tuned kids.

tomorrow i'll post pictures from our honeymoon. 
i completely forgot to show those off to you.



favorite things friday.

favorite things this friday: grey coziness.
this house is so entirely welcoming. i never really considered grey to be a warm color, but i suppose with snippets of wood tones here and there it looks very very livable.

so what are you up to this weekend? along with eating pumpkin pie and sniffling uncontrolably, i'll be on the lookout for some warm winter tights and cutsie booties for the bad weather. maybe i can try to fit in a board game and some snuggling as well. 


some more goodies from the web for you:
* i loved philip toledano's visual journey to fatherhood
* precious hand-made goodies for weddings
* someone please throw a fantastic party, so i may wear this fancy dress.
* so i can be obsessive-compulsive!



after spending several months living far from civilization and even further from our offices, the husband and i decided to pack up our things and move out of the deep, dark woods. i'll miss it. kinda. but thankfully home is never the place where all of our belongings are, but rather wherever i'm with him. you know, like that one song says.



monday & ferns.

today certainly feels like a monday. i had the most difficulty crawling out of my warm cocoon of blankets this morning and into my comfiest pair of jeans and coziest over-sized sweater. thank goodness for this nearly-fall weather, makes me feel less guilty for wearing black and gray all the time!
          i found some wonderful fern prints earlier. i'm hoping to go fern hunting tomorrow and stack the stems between large old books before placing them into frames. seems simple enough.