welcome back.

that was a much needed holiday break! so much good food and warm cozy family time. I'll post a few pictures tomorrow of my older brother carving the turkey (hint: it involved using his bare hands) and general festivities. hope your monday is just cheery!


a married thanksgiving.

Until I got married, I never worried about holidays. My stress level only went up when I saw my brothers piling on too much mashed potatoes before the bowl got to me. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not worried now but I certainly have more to consider this Thanksgiving. Since both of our families live within a ten mile radius from us, how do we decide which family to cut the turkey with? What if the in-laws don't like my cranberry-walnut salad? What should I wear? Me and my husband decided this year to have dinner with his family and dessert with mine.

How do you decide which side of the family to spend Thanksgiving with?


weekend recap.

This past weekend my husband and I moved from a rental house in the forest to an apartment near the freeway. We had been living in our forest house for exactly six months, which just so happens to be the precise amount of time for one to catch a very bad case of cabin fever.

We assumed that living far from friends and family would somehow help us grow as a couple and give us the room we needed to take up long-forgotten hobbies. After all, this was a cozy house with hardwood floors throughout and about two rooms too many. What we didn’t realize was that we would need to wake up earlier for work, we would be far from any source of communication and we would always feel lonely, even when we were together.

Though living out there was nice for the first week, it quickly began to weigh down on us. I could only liken it to the feeling of wearing a very heavy, over sized coat. This place just didn’t fit and it was beginning to drive us slightly mad. The dampness of the forest and the lack of sunshine finally got to us these last few weeks.

As we backed the truck loaded with our few earthly possessions down the mossy driveway, we felt the heavy coat taken off of us. The feeling of isolation finally lifted. Perhaps you were once stranded on an island after a sailing trip gone awry or got terribly lost in the wilderness whilst pheasant hunting, well, I can tell you that those are the kinds of experiences that would elicit a form of sympathy from you, dear reader.

I type this as my adorable husband puts our new dresser together on the carpeted living room floor after I made dinner in my nearly-cramped kitchen. Sure, I don’t get a spare space to store my half-baked projects and I can see every room in our new home from my front door, but it doesn’t bother me. At this point, I am quite content with simple joy of getting to sleep in an extra half-hour.

anyways... I hope you had an enjoyable snowy weekend!



happy friday.

it's the weekend. but not just any weekend. it's moving weekend. as in "i'm moving closer to civilization".

i'm not exactly sure why i haven't packed a single thing, but it may have something to do with looking at paint colors and coffee tables big enough for a game of scrabble. hmmm. hopefully everything gets moved before a supposed snowfall occurs on sunday.

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a good place to start.

as far as the basics for my christmas decor, i think garland is pretty darn important. i can string it on just about everything in sight (tree, light fixtures, cats) and call it good on the decorating.

my first real inspiration for garland was this necklace from anthropologie last year. since paper is somewhat inexpensive, i think i'm going to have to make most of my garland from it. i'm talking ridiculous amounts of garland here. i'll keep most of it in basic neutral colors i can use in future decorating (golds, ivories) and for a few i'll use deep corals and some minty greens.

( garland clockwise: 1 2 3 4 )


christmas decor and such.

good morning! i hope your tuesday is going by ever-so warmly. i've been out and about preparing for my move, attempting to throw out anything i won't be needing and don't have room for. 

unfortunately i happen to be the worlds biggest pack rat (think shelves of binders and homework from high school and every vogue since 2003). i think i need my husband to intervene at this point since my mind has floated past the move entirely and is currently thinking about christmas. 

i'm usually the one who breaks open the tattered cardboard boxes of decorations the morning after thanksgiving and demands that my brothers return with only the finest noble fir they can get their hands on. so i'm a tad tyrannical when it comes to christmas decor. no biggie. so now that i've got my very own place, i think i may go crazy with the decorating. well. almost. i decided to limit myself here. i'm giving myself a whopping $100 to decorate our entire home. ehhhh. i'm not the worlds best budgeter (just ask my husband about our wedding budget), but i think i can handle this self-imposed challenge.

oh and here is my color board  for the decorations.


the reception.

To be completely honest, my reception felt like it flew by far too quickly. I just wanted to sit back and savor every moment, but there were so many things going on at once, so many people to see and spend time with. I felt so rushed! by the time we got around to saying hello to everyone, it was already time for speeches! 
here are some of my favorite shots throughout the reception.

See how lovingly my sister looks at me!

I don't know how our photographer managed to capture this, but he did.

I have to say, the only thing I was disappointed about thinking back on my wedding is that I did not have a slice from every layer of my cake. My remedy? go back to Papa Haydn every once in a while to have a slice of the cakes I missed out on. It helps somewhat.

so that's that. all the months of planning and stressing and the wedding was over in a blink of an eye. just like that. fortunately during that planning time, we were able to sit down and plan our marriage beyond the beautiful flowers and "i do's". 

in retrospect, who cares if you had the prettiest wedding or the craftiest wedding?  no one cares really, not even you. If your marriage is beautiful, if everything is beautiful after your bouquet dies and the last slice of frozen wedding cake is thrown out, then that's what really matters.

the ceremony.

After seeing my husband, I felt like we had already gotten married. It wasn't until we were done snapping some pictures that my soon-to-be husband and I realized that we still have the entire wedding awaiting us. Me and the girls went off to freshen up while the boys took off to the ceremony location. 

My bridesmaids, my father and I all walked through a little forest to get to the ceremony location. It was so sweet watching all the guests arrive and hurry to their seats. I was so surprised that almost everyone actually found the tree! 

When we began walking down the aisle and the harpist began playing "moon river", I realized this was theee most awesome thing I could have ever imagined. Being surrounded by your closest family and friends and entering this new unknown territory is entirely unexplainable! From what the guests told me, as soon as I was in viewing distance of my almost-husband, I literally ran to him. Apparently I couldn't wait much longer to be married

My husband's uncle also happens to be an elder at our church and he also dealt with us during our pre-marital counciling so it was only fitting that he marry us as well. 

When Uncle Ben told us it was time to say our vows, my mind went completely blank. I had the most difficulty remembering all the clever inside jokes I added into my vows. Everyone thought I was pausing to keep myself from crying, when in fact I was simply trying to remember what I had been practicing for a few weeks in my head. Good thing the mister was wise enough to write his vows down.

Our ceremony seemed to end as quickly as it had begun! Before we knew it, we were announced man and wife. I think we were both so startled to hear this, that when we went in for the smooch we completely bonked each other in the face. it was HILARIOUS, hence the laughing bridesmaids and groomsmen. 

As soon as we finished our smooch, we stole away behind some trees to congratulate each other in private.

up tomorrow: the reception!


the first look.

me and my soon-to-be husband decided that we should probably have our first look somewhere meaningful to our relationship. I couldn't think of a more appropriate field than the one we used to jog beside while we were dating and engaged. though, come to think of it, i think we took more walks than jogs through here, but nonetheless it was the most perfect little spot.  
our photographer took my man out into the field where he wouldn't be able to see me arrive. i had to hike what seemed like eternity all the way out to him in my heels. i couldn't help but giggle all the way there.
i am so so so happy we decided to see each other before the ceremony, it wasn't some crazy emotional experience, but it was so calming and it immediately put me at ease. 

morning of & getting ready.

I woke up bright and early the morning of my wedding. It seemed strange that I was finally getting married that day. very strange, actually. The house was awfully quiet, not to mention everyone was entirely calm, something I was not expecting at all, but was grateful for nonetheless.
Before I knew it, I was getting my hair and makeup ready. All of this was done before the photographer arrived, which again was kinda strange because this meant we were way ahead of schedule (can you believe it?). After hair and makeup was complete the butterflies in my tummy began setting in big time.

My photographer made sure to snap a few pictures of the dress before I had to put it on. 

My wedding dress happened to be the first dress I tried on when dress shopping. I made up my mind about the dress in less than an hour and quickly placed an order. This was followed by five months of regret and anxiety as I waited for it to arrive from Spain. Not having taken any actual photos of myself in the dress, I was reminded of its supposed beauty only by an awful picture I found online. I was beginning to hate my dress.

When it finally did arrive in February, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I actually liked it, no loved it. It was the same intricate beauty I fell in love with the first time I had tried it on. such a relief, I tell ya!

When it came time for me to put my dress on the morning of my wedding, it was surreal. This was the only time I'd ever wear a dress as extravagant as this.

After getting into my wedding attire, me and the bridesmaids realized we hadn't even had breakfast. The butterflies in my tummy were so wild that I didn't feel a bit hungry. I did manage to have some breakfast after all, knowing that I probably won't get my hands on any food once the celebration really begins.

And quite possibly the most ridiculous picture of the day is me digging through my wedding binder. I'm not sure what quite for, but it does not surprise me one bit that I would be doing this literally moments before seeing my soon-to-be husband.

up tomorrow: the first look.


weekend & wedding recap week.

welcome to monday, friends. I hope all is well with you this chilly morning! I had a wonderful weekend with the husband. we finally made up our minds and put a deposit on a place closer to work, and, well civilization in general. we also had breakfast at our favorite ma and pa cafe - the same place we went the morning after our wedding for pancakes and coffee. yummm! after some reminiscing over french toast, I decided it's time to share those fond memories! so in the spirit of Mrs. Liz, this week is official wedding recap week.
Below is a picture of me and my cute bridesmaid and maid of honor during the rehearsal under our oak tree the evening before the wedding. This is after about 8 hours of setting up and decorating the reception hall. We were all so exhausted but so excited for the festivities. I don't think there was even an ounce of stress in this photo.

Coming up tomorrow : The morning of and getting pretty.


happy friday.

I hope you all had a wonderful week! it sure flew by quickly, didn't it. I'll be nursing my poor husband back to health this weekend and maybe going fern hunting (finally)!
now doesn't this picture look like total perfection?




so this is my surprise. this is what has been draining me of time and energy. it's been under wraps for far too long and with the help of a few very (very, very) fantastic souls* i would like to introduce to you, my dear friends, short and sweet design. 

yes. we style weddings and yes we talk about weddings all the time. and now we have a sweet little place in this blogosphere to share our joy with you. i'm not sure why i keep referring to myself as if there is more than one of me. anyways you'll find me sharing more wedding goodies here:
twitter - kaezhereb

and don't worry. i'll still be here too. i promise. 

 those fantastic folks happen to be stacey & julia! stacey for working tirelessly with my darn website and julia for making the nifty logo!