the new year.

I'll be ringing in the new year at a snowy cabin in sun river this year. I hope I make it to midnight. I never do!


little holiday break.

how was your little holiday break? mine was filled to the brim with yummy food, fantastic sweaters and some pretty competitive scrabble sessions. my husband even made cookies for santa on christmas eve. not that they ever made it to him since a.) we needed a good midnight snack and b.) he's not even real.
we discovered that holidays can get pretty hectic when all of your family members live within an seven mile radius. which really only translates to us getting more food in our bellies during christmas and thansgiving and in effect we need more time to recover from the holidays. next up, new years!


the holidays. hooray.

It seems I'm all prepared to fall into a hot-chocolate induced coma as of right this moment. I'm reaaaalllllly looking forward to the next few days. The very thought of sleeping in has got me more giddy than the thought of presents, peppermint mochas, family board game night AND gingerbread men combined. whoa. hope you have a wildly festive Christmas and I can't wait to share all the goodies this weekend will bring!


utterly un-christmas.

I understand that Christmas is literally days away and I that I should be posting hot chocolate recipes and pictures of my ugly Christmas sweaters (yes, I have multiple) but on Sunday night, my cute friend Stacey gave me a copy of the slideshow/love story we played at my wedding reception. I could not wait to go home and watch the video, since we hadn't seen it in over seven months. To say the very least, I got emotional.

I cried for a good three hours on and off while trying to convince my husband to take up playing the guitar while I take up singing lessons so we can start a family band and sing lullaby anytime we want. oh the power of emotion. 

The first half of the video was compiled by Stacey. She even missed my walk down the aisle as she frantically put it all together. The love story section was put together by the always incredible Max Lopatin. I can probably only watch this once a year as I despise seeing myself on film. but I do hope you enjoy it, though it is a tad long, eleven minutes to be exact.   

engagement video. from Kae Zherebnenko on Vimeo.


christmas wishlist.

I have already purchased myself  all the gifts  I wanted this year. I just couldn't possibly wait for the end of December for my yummy new boots. or that fancy wool coat. or all those other goodies. but in the spirit of Christmas I decided I ought to make at least an ity bity wish list, just in case my husband secretly decided to surprise me with even more gifts and couldn't possibly think of a single thing I wanted.

 1. Now honestly, my husband does not have the power to summon snow for a white christmas, and that's a-okay with me. but i still reeeeaaaaallly want some. maybe just a little bit.
 2. This perfectly awesome bear sign to hang in my kitchen. My house lacks bears.
 3. A trip to England.  Please, please, pleeeaaase!
4. These lovely little oxfords. I would wear them until they disintegrate off my feet. I love them so!
5. Tape. It's just very useful, okay?
6. The most cheery necklace of the season.


oh christmas tree.

we happened to get our tree a couple weeks ago at the most incredible tree farm ever. it's kind of our secret place now since every tree is a whopping $10 (!!!!) incredible, wouldn't you say? we kind of put off finding a tree until 4:00 in the afternoon that saturday, which meant by the time we got to the tree farm we had to find our christmas tree in the dark. thankfully each tree was perfect. I mean PERFECT. so our only problem was trying to decided between one perfect tree and another. which turned out to be more difficult than expected.

did I mention it was freezing? well, it was freezing. i didn't even bring a pair of mittens! 

we couldn't wait to get home and decorate the tree, in fact we stayed up until two o'clock in the morning carefully tying sage green ribbon to each one of my ornaments . The tree has about 150 ornaments, counting the chandelier pieces I made earlier on. The rest of the gold, silver and ivory glass balls were purchased at none other than goodwill for $1.99 for a pack of 12. talk about a steal.

 78 glass ornaments - $12 all together
1 beautiful noble fir - $10
tree stand - $15
martha stewart christmas tree lights - $32 for 3

total for tree: $72
amount remaining: $20.50


a little winner. yay.

the little winner of cupcakes is miss olga. e-mail me to i can send those babies right over to you!


the most ridiculously sweet thing ever.

i recently dug up this photo from my flickr account. my husband and our kitten. my heart is exploding.


favorite things giveaway II.

I have been thinking a lot about the little things that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside for the giveaways. the one thing that almost immediately popped into my mind was cupcakes. more specifically those from St. Cupcake. I discovered this wonderful cupcake shop over five ago and it's still such a sweet and special treat. not to mention me and my husband consumed a hefty amount of cupcakes from here during our dating days.

alright, so what am I giving away this time? 
half a dozen yummy cupcakes from my favorite cupcake place in the entire world. 
to win this sweet delight, be a follower and leave a comment about your favorite little treat and why it's so darn special to you. I'll choose a winner the following Tuesday!

this giveaway is for residents of u.s and canada only. 


a little winner.

looks like miss irina won the first little giveaway.  I'm so excited for you to enjoy the cool, comfy and affordable clothes lucky magazine has to offer. hooray! e-mail with your info irina!


favorite things friday giveaway.


my favorite thing ever, well along with everything else christmas related, is getting stocking stuffers for my family. It's such fun finding small useful gifts for everyone. I thought I'd do a little giveaway every friday in december to highlight some of my favorite little things, and to my husband who may or may not be reading this, yes, these are hints for you to follow up on.

up first? A year subscription to Lucky Magazine. This has been a great source of inspiration for my closet in the last few years and I love getting my copy every month.

so how does one win such a sweet little giveaway you might ask?

be a follower of paper morning and leave comment about what inspires your wardrobe. only one comment counts per person.
The winner will be chosen at random the following Tuesday!

this giveaway is for residents of u.s and canada only. 



decorating. finally.

so it's time for some holiday decorating! as you may already know, I've got a self-imposed budget of $100 and this little project has been a gigantic money saver. 

I grew up in a house where the christmas tree was literally dripping with gorgeous glass ornaments and I couldn't fathom skimping on ornaments for my own tree. so what's a girl to do? I wasted no time digging through my parents garage to find my wedding chandelier. you may remember it from my ceremony, hanging gracefully from the magnificent oak tree above us. although my husband thought I should put it on ebay, I found a far more sentimental use for it. I'll be hanging it from a tree once again, but this time in the form of ornaments.

firstly, you'll need to acquire a chandelier. I found mine on e-bay for a whopping $150 and I used it for my wedding, so it's got some serious sentimental value. I'm almost certain you can find one at an antique store for an inexpensive price, especially if it's not a working chandelier. Next, you'll want to dismantle it. The parts you want to keep are the crystals. Pair the smaller crystals with bigger ones to get a more dramatic effect, or leave little ones in rows to create something more icicle-esque. or do whatever, these are your ornaments after all.

Next, find some ribbon or string that you like. I got two spools of celedon-colored sheer ribbon. The ribbon is really there to make all the ornaments have a cohesive color scheme since I'll be buying generic  ivory glass ornaments to go along with these guys. I'm going to secure my ornaments to the tree with floral wire.

 Finally, find a way to attach your ribbon to your crystal pieces. It was ridiculously easy for me since my crystals came with little metal hooks at the end. and that's it. you're done!

2 spools of ribbon - $2.99 each
floral wire - $1.49 
total for this project:  $7.47
money left for other projects: $92.53



Today is December first and I have gotten myself completely into the holiday spirit as of this morning. I started off with a peppermint mocha and now I'm suggesting  that the office goes Christmas caroling at our staff meeting this afternoon! I don't know how that will go over. but anyways I just wanted to welcome you into the lovely month of December and I'll be bringing some snazzy decorating project starting tomorrow.

No, it has not snowed quite like this yet, buuuut I've got my fingers crossed!!