still my least favorite day of the week. but I think any day would be after the weekend. I actually got to clean the heck out of my apartment. which the husband loved, of course. it was so clean that I didn't feel bad inviting some friends over for some shrimp scampi sunday afternoon.

On another note I've been a little flower crazy as of late. Crazy like I buy everyone flowers. It's weirding me out. and I think I should stop. I think this is why I'm loving flowers more than usual:

thanks for the consistent awesomeness saipua.


  1. if only fresh cut flowers could last and be this glorious always

  2. I went on a clean streak too. Must be the Spring in the air

    Everyone loves a giveaway

  3. I actually didn't receive any flowers lately. At all. Perhaps you got my address wrong?

  4. oh dear. alla! how could it be! perhaps you should stop by and pick them up?

    Tanya, it's the spring bug, I tell ya! I'm actually enjoying it.