the tradgedy of sleep.

It's sad to fall asleep. It separates people. Even when you're sleeping together, you're all alone. 
- Patricia Franchini

When I first got married, I found sleep to be such a tragedy. My ever-so-sensible husband would constantly have to remind me that we needed to wake up in only a few hours and begin another work day. I was genuinely disappointed that he didn't want to stay up all night talking nonsense. Eventually I came to terms with the fact that resting is a necessity and that some alone time, even in the form of sleep, can actually be therapeutic. After all, if we were together all the time, we'd have very little nonsense to talk about.   



  1. *tragedy

    I don't know what you're talking about, sleep is awesome.

  2. I love to sleep when I am super tired. A good night's rest can rejuvenate the soul.

  3. artem, you are such a man! but I hope your opinion will change a tad when you get hitched.