This weekend I got busy on my summer to-do list. First up: finishing my office space. We took a trip to Goodwill to hunt down some new (old, dusty) chairs for the desk. I figure if I reupholster a chair for my office space, I'll be crossing three things off my list (restoring a piece of furniture, sewing something and finishing my office space.) But alas, nothing was to be found. We then drove over to the Fabric Depot to see what kind of goodies they might have. Here are some of my favorites.

They had a fairly large selection of fabric, so I needed to take some samples home to sleep on.
(Don't worry, those lace samples were definitely not in the running for my office space.)


  1. oh those are some lovely choices and this Fabric Depot sounds like my type of place, not that i need anymore fabric. I am up to my ears in all sorts of fabrics that I need to fashion into some lovely things soon.

  2. beautiful fabrics, i love the second one! i just found your blog and i love it - the simplicity with the color and white space is great! have a lovely day!

  3. love the fabics, decorating is so fun

  4. Beautiful fabrics, i love the white and beige one, so beautiful


  5. These are beautiful! I love the gold one. Can't wait to see what you reupholster.