We typically love the fourth. In the past it has always included yummy BBQ, camping, bonfires at the beach and fireworks. This year, however, we were a little more laid back. We didn't even know what we planned on doing until we finished breakfast at 1:00pm. So we eventually decided to keep it low-key and head over to Fort Vancouver for the fireworks show. Awesomely enough, we've got friends in high, park ranger places and got VIP treatment all the from our parking spots to the firework viewing. Here are some photos of the junk we ate, the things we saw and some more fireworks. 

Remember our wedding tree? 
There were hundred of pasty folks tanning around it. Actually rather disturbing.

At sundown, we made our way to the fort, which had just been closed to the public. Friends and family members of Fort Vancouver employees got to watch the show from inside the fort. Oh yeah and it was also the closest spot the where the fireworks were being shot from. No big deal. While waiting for the sun to set, we watched little planes take off and land on the runway. We even witnessed a little one make a crash landing outside the fort wall.
And when the sun finally set, the firework show began. I was not the least bit disappointed. 

Next year I'll be wise enough to bring a warm blanket and emergency allergy medicine. 
That sneaky pollen really got me this time. 

How did you spend your fourth?


  1. again, simply beautiful fireworks. I spent the day with family and that mainly consisted of me holding my new nephew because he is just oh so adorable and the best baby ever!

  2. You got some great photos of the fireworks! I love them! Also I got a hamburger rather than a hotdog and I'm still thinking about it.

  3. pretty photos! i can't get over that snow cone!

  4. Who would've thunk that a park ranger could be a friend in "high places"?!

    Looks like it was a great day!

  5. haha rachel, my thoughts exactly. I guess everyone has their own awesome powers when you need them.

  6. Haha! The pasty folks are out and about in my neck of the woods too. Hilarious! The pollen was getting me this year too, blegh. xoxo