I realized my first "summer to-do" list was rather small, so I decided to go all out and release the unabridged version (more or less anyway). I think by writing this out I'll be more likely to make this stuff happen. I mean, for crying in the night, summer is half over so I really need to get on with it!

1. Do some honest camping
2. Swim in the ocean
3. Pick berries, lots of them
4. Paint (walls and pictures)
5. Bake non-stop
6. Restore at lease one piece of furniture
7. Ride a bike
8. Take a day off (crazy, I know)
9. Read at least five books.
10. Sew something, anything
11. Take a road trip
12. Have our annual end-of summer bash
13. Picnic with friends
14. Start journaling again.
15. Purge the closet
16. Be on a boat, any boat.
17. Find a new favorite restaraunt
18. Learn more about taking pictures
19. Jam (with fruits)
20. Set up office space


  1. great list, you have inspired me to revise mine.

  2. this sounds pretty much like my summer list! I think I've done everything so far except #4, 6, 18, and 19. But I still have plenty of time left to do it:-) xoxo

  3. Haha, #16 reminds me of the SNL song "I'm on a boat...in my flippy floppies"

    Sounds like you have a fun summer ahead of you!

  4. haha rachel, yesss that's exactly what I was thinking as I was typing #19.

  5. haha best summer list ever! i might just borrow yours, but without the swimming in the ocean part... water in such large quantities scares me.

  6. great list! My (new) summer list involves finding a wedding venue and drafting out a planning checklist. Wish you lived closer so I could pick your brain ;-)

  7. marianna, I just added the swimming in the ocean part to force myself to get over my fear of large quantities of water. pretty sure it won't happen though.

    kayla, I looove your summer list (my other more important list contains the same things. you can pick my little brain if ever you need.

  8. kristina - too much to do and not enough time :(