This weekend we went to the happiest place on earth, Ikea. I promised Mr. Husband it'll be a quick stop and I almost can't believe I kept my word. This weekend we picked up some shelves for our office space, which we have slowly been putting together. This Ikea trip was a total of 17 minutes and included:

- Skipping the top floor and heading straight to the packaged shelves.  Big time saver.
- Eating Ikea Food.  Hot dogs and soda. Classy.
- Reassuring husband that our short shopping trip was actually over.
- Rewarding ourselves with more Ikea foods.
And finally, here is that sad little office space of ours. That desk is actually a catch-all right now and terribly useless but in good time this will be a creative factory for me and a study spot for the husband.

Setting up our office space and sprucing up the porch will probably be the two bigger projects we'll finish within the next couple weeks. What projects are you finally tackling this summer?


  1. We went to IKEA too this weekend. Picked up a bed spread. Finally! Looking forward to see what you create for your desk space!

  2. aaahhh Ikea...I am working on cleaning out the garage of all wedding stuff, and unpacking boxes from our move, this will translate into organizing my craftroom finally!

  3. I remember the first time I went to Ikea after moving into my first apartment after college. I was in pure awe - I felt like I had found the furniture mecca. And with ice cream cones! I think there's always a place for Ikea no matter what stage of life you're in!

  4. one of the best places in the world! I love Ikea, but barely ever get to go, Portland seems so far away sometimes :)

    I absolutely adore your blog and you are way too cute!