I love my french press. love love love. It's such a quick way to make yummy coffee. My only complaint is that it cools down so quickly. By the time I get around the my second cup, the contents of my french press are lukewarm and it sadly ends up in the kitchen sink. But I've decided to solve my french press problems once and for all by making a little cozy. Let me show you how it's done.

1. Scissors for cutting fabric, felt and ribbon.
2. Felt. This will fill the fabric and it will insulate heat.
3. Needle and thread. If you're really fancy, you can replace this with a picture of a sewing machine.
4. Pretty fabric.
5. Ribbon to match your fabric. Preferably something sturdy. You'll need four 5 inch pieces.

First things first, measure out your felt and fabric. It's quite easy. just wrap some of your felt around your french press and make sure it's covers the majority of the glass section. You'll see what I mean when the cozy it complete. Measure fabric to go around the felt like a hotdog with the back side of the fabric facing you. This will save you from having to sew one side of the cozy. Now move the felt aside. We'll need it later.

Next, start sewing. I used a basic backstitch, which I'm not even sure is a legitimate way to sew but it got the job done. All you fancy pants out there can use your sewing machines here. I started in one corner and worked my way up over the top. The trickiest part is the ribbon. Put the ribbon inside the cozy and pull out a little piece that you can sew onto the fabric as you go up. You may also want to safety pin the ribbon as you're sewing so the ribbon doesn't end up crooked.

As you're sewing, be sure to leave a small gap in the middle of the top. You'll need the gap for the felt to be inserted.

After making sure you've left a gap, flip your creation inside out. It should look something like the photo above. Next, take your felt and place it inside. Smooth out the felt and make sure it fits snuggly into each corner. If your piece of felt turned out too big, simply cut it to fit. It's so easy. Finally, when the felt is perfect, sew up the gap.

Now it's time to dress your french press. Tie the ribbon together and voila! you're done. So easy.


  1. I love this-- it looks wonderful! What a great idea!

  2. a fantastic concoction

    p.s. you and I hafta learn how to master those sewing machine contraptions

  3. How sweet, I love it! Perfect little project for an autumn afternoon.

  4. this is adorable! i love the missoni-esque fabric you chose as well

  5. Such a good idea!

    You have a really cute blog! Looking forward to reading more.

  6. neato and love the Missoni inspired zig zag fabric

  7. I love it! Good choice of fabric. Why french press over regular coffee pot? I've always wanted to know.

  8. Julia: I don't have a regular coffee pot, just a french press and a stove top. Until I have a bigger kitchen to store a fancy coffee pot, I'll be sticking with these simple contraptions.

  9. This is ridiculously adorable AND creative! What a great idea!

  10. um, what? you kind of just blew my mind. this is so cute and yes, so necessary!

  11. very cute :) but a french press is meant only to brew the coffee. you should always immediately transfer it to an insulated carafe.

    nonetheless - i am definitely making a cozy for my bodum! merci for the idea :)