Only one word describes my weekend perfectly: exhausting. It was the good kind of exhausting, though. The kind where you find yourself smiling as you're falling into a deep hibernation on Sunday night. These kind of weekends are my favorite. Here's a little breakdown for you:
1. I've been cooking. It's kinda my new thing. I get home from work and I'm excited to whip something up from scratch and serve it to my always-impressed husband.

2. Enjoyed a little tea party birthday shindig for my little brothers main girl.
3. I can finally say that it's cold out. A stroll downtown on Saturday felt amazingly refreshing.
4. Sunday was beautiful. I mean everything about Sunday was beautiful. I can go on and on, but I won't.
5. I enjoyed some Thai food with the husband one afternoon. This is the only Thai iced tea I drink because it desn't taste like cardboard to me.
6. More treats. We inhaled that last ice-cream bars for dessert. or was it an appetizer?
7. The husband studied endlessly. This man takes his school seriously. Do not stand between him and his six hours of daily study time. 
8. We did take a break to head over to Ikea for some pillows.
9. And I was able to make some pillow covers out of my new favorite fabric. 

Happy Monday everyone! 

P.S: Today is Boss's Day. So go buy your boss some donuts or something.


  1. you're really putting your iphone to good use :)
    it was nice catching up a little with you this weekend!

  2. sounds like a wonderful weekend!!! Sunday WAS incredible. We went to the pumpkin patch on Sauvies Island :)

  3. making pillow covers? how crafty of you :)

  4. Your Sunday was my Saturday. I want it back!

  5. Although it was an eventful weekend by the photos it looks like a fun one! I can happily say i got the best boss's day gift today, and my very first one, a dainty and lovely vintage brooch!

  6. i love the pics! glad you had a great weekend.

  7. got my boss red velvet cake, which she shared :)

  8. I love Thai food on the weekends.

    I just found you through Liz's blog (explore.dream.discover), and I really love your blog. You and your man are adorable and your work totally intrigues me. I'll be back here a lot I can tell!

  9. I love i-phone pics!! Where these pictures done using instagram?

    Sounds like you had a fun, busy weekend! I too love weekends like this and I think Ikea is so fun!!! I could get lost in there for hours!!

    I found your blog info on the Portland blogger list Sara sent out and wanted to say hello!! I am from Portland too!!!!

    xoxo Denise

    PS: I am having a vintage jewelry/antique giveaway on my blog if you'd like to enter!!!


  10. I just found your blog and have been reading post after post after post! I can't get enough :) You are gorgeous and your pictures are so lovely! I'm so happy I found you!
    :) Erica

  11. hopped over here from liz's blog! loved your cute pumpkin tutorial. now following along. love what you do, and your eye (:

  12. i saw your guestpost and thought you were adorable! so i became a follower XXX

  13. these photos are dreamy! annnd i'm obsessed with ikea.. need to go ASAP.

    Cute blog!

  14. Okay - your iphone photos look MUCH better than mine when I take them. (I mean, how on earth did you make Ikea look artsy?) Are they all taken with Hipstamatic, or some other application?

  15. sarah - I use instagram (it's a free app!) It makes everything look awesome.