olden days.

Last night I came across some fun pictures of my teenage-hood. These ones are from my native american phase. I'm sure you had one of those stages where you built a teepee in the family room and wore frilly boots and feather headbands with everything. of course mine only lasted a summer but booooy was it good. This was also the same time frame where me and the lady friends made a list of who'd get married first. Can you believe my name was at the bottom of that list? did I show them or what!


pretty pastels.

Nothing makes me go weak in the knees quite like good design. There is no better way to start off the morning than with a drool-worthy little branding job by Anagrama. How great are those colors? and the romantic typography that literally drips with femininity? I would buy their lovely hair accessories just to get one of these boxes.   


home sweet home.

happy monday! I hope your weekend was full of sunshine and plenty of relaxation. mine sure was. this week is going to be unbelievably busy. I'm finishing up all the last minute details for an upcoming photo shoot and a couple more festivities including a bridal shower and a wedding.  I almost get dizzy thinking about it all.

On a totally unrelated note, yesterday afternoon my husband commented on our slowly-coming-together home decor. His exact words were "This corner of our house looks like it came out of a magazine." I can only assume he meant a home decorating magazine and I took it as a compliment. Now I can't wait to finish everything up and give you a tour of our ity bity home. As soon as I'm done hanging the antlers in my bedroom, of course.

p.s: this isn't a photo of my home, but it'll have to do for now.


so it's kinda my birthday.

actually, it's not really my birthday, more like paper morning's birthday. a year ago today I made my first blog post. what a fun year it has been. I suppose I ought to thank the blogging world for making this such an enjoyable experience. This definitely calls for a little cake to celebrate!

have a yummy weekend!


brass love.

I've been acquiring lots and lots of brass for a couple of projects I'm working on. it's downright charming. what do you think?

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If you ask my husband what theee most annoying thing about me is, he'd probably say it's my ability to collect stuff. I guess that ties in with his annoyance at my mild case of ocd. I really love collecting things, whether it's driftwood or teacups or brass candle holders. I collect it all. The only challenge I have is finding a place for all my lovely treasures. I've been frantically researching ways to display my beloved junk before my husband sends it all back to goodwill.

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a little vacation time.

since starting my job three years ago, I have taken about four days of vacation time apart from my honeymoon. I just never felt the need to get away. not to mention finding someone who wasn't enslaved to work and school to disappear with me was an impossible fete. now that I'm married and all,  it seems that all me and the husband chat about is taking another trip to a far away land. this week he e-mailed me a photo of montenegro. swooooon.


no sleep.

i cannot sleep. so instead i read a book. which doesn't help because it means i have to use my brain more to concentrate. and so i look at pretty pictures until my eyes get heavy. what helps you fall asleep?

pretty bridal shower.

this weekend I did my usual thrift store scouting. I'm currently working on three projects with overlapping themes so it was nice purchasing an item I can use for all three of the projects. the first one I have coming up is a bridal shower of sorts. The color board reminds me of my christmas inspiration, except I'll actually use pink this time! (I kind of chickened out with using pink in my christmas decorations).

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soo the weekend.

It's been a loooong week and right now I feel a bit like a hamster running in a squeaky wheel. Mostly because with all the work I'm doing, I'm not getting very far. squeak. squeak. or so it seems anyways. I literally had to take a break from work yesterday to do a little arts and crafts project. it really reduced my stress. my co-worker thought it was odd.

anyway. here are some things I'm hoping for the weekend:

SNOW. not that it ever really does around here. but it would be a very nice welcome into the weekend.

I hope my husband makes me one of those honey lattes. did you know he makes theeee best honey lattes I have ever had in my life? and I have had my fair share!

I hope to take down the tree, against my will, of course. If it were up to me, that baby would be here to meet next years tree. but, alas, I need the space for all my junk. :(

I love me some good pastries and I'm hoping that my husband will reward me for taking down the tree with some yummies from the pearl bakery! Maybe we should get pastries first, just in case taking down the tree takes longer than expected.

Finally, I hope to work. fun work. It's on a top secret bridal shower. whoops. I may have said too much.

Have a lovely weekend!



most of the photos I took over the new years break were of snow and trees covered in snow. i was sad, as i always am, to find out that my film camera has once again failed me. i suppose my digital pictures really have it going for them. so here's a small handful of all the loveliness i got to admire. and if you were wondering, i made it to 12:30 on new years before passing out. how very old lady-like of me.


the weekend.

how was your weekend? 

mine was filled with some of my favorite things: yummy breakfast at home, a wedding, crepes and a beaaaautiful walk - although it was painfully cold out, at least it wasn't raining! oh, we also got some blue skies! I stocked up on some sweet mittens and christmas lights (on sale) and I got to plan some fun projects for 2011. 

hope your weekend was equally productive / wonderful!


oh dear.

I've been such a forgetful sally these last few days! This morning I couldn't find my jewelry box*. How does one lose a jewelry box? for pete's sake, I live in a one bedroom apartment! not only that, but I also lost my parking pass for work, which means I've been paying $10 a day at the parking garage down the street. Personally, I'd rather be spending that money on cheddar bunnies but I suppose that's what I get for being so darn unorganized.

resolved: to be a tad more organized so I can afford my cheddar bunnies!


* update: not only did I find my jewelry box today, but I also found my parking pass. the pass literally sat on my coffee table for the last week. just shows how inattentive I am. whoops! 

back to reality. kinda.

This morning felt utterly dreadful. entirely, actually. Not only did I have to leave the comforting cocoon that is my bed before the sun came out, but my typically sweet husband asked me take the tree and decorations down before stepping out into quite possibly the coldest walk from my front door to the car I have ever experienced.

I remember as a child how taking down the tree was a pretty big deal. I vividly recall my mother lovingly dismantling every hand-painted glass ornament and string of colorful lights before my father chopped up the tree and tossed it into the fireplace. the children looked on in horror. traumatic? me thinks yes. and the parents wonder why we turned out the way we did.

sooo, you may be wondering when I'll be taking down that fancy tree of mine. well. i kinda plan on keeping it as long as possible. I'll definitely update you on that. aside from all that tree business, here's a photo from this weekend at sunriver. I'm still waiting for my film to develop.