still my least favorite day of the week. but I think any day would be after the weekend. I actually got to clean the heck out of my apartment. which the husband loved, of course. it was so clean that I didn't feel bad inviting some friends over for some shrimp scampi sunday afternoon.

On another note I've been a little flower crazy as of late. Crazy like I buy everyone flowers. It's weirding me out. and I think I should stop. I think this is why I'm loving flowers more than usual:

thanks for the consistent awesomeness saipua.


thrifty thursday.

you are about to find out pretty quickly how much I love glass. cheap glass especially.  I found this piece for $5 at goodwill while looking for some props for a photo shoot. I never used it so it's now sitting on my dresser and storing my favorite necklaces. I started doing research on where this was made, etc. but I got bored and started taking pictures instead.


a grand affair.

You've probably already been exposed to the amazing work of Daniel Usenko, so I don't think he really needs much of an introduction. You've met him at my engagement session and my wedding. Here's a small project we worked on earlier this month. I'm going to make a full post about it on my other blog, but for now you'll have to check out Daniel's blog for all the eye candy!

ready for spring.

I'm pretty sure the weatherman is promising snow in the near future but I wouldn't know since I don't watch the news, let alone own a television.  I'm also getting rather bored of my wardrobe as of late, with all it's grays and blacks. I even had someone ask me if I was from the New York with all the black I wear. yikes! I think I'm ready for spring!

1. A colorful tray for some great parties 2. An Italian cookbook, equally colorful and full of hearty recipes 3. A sweet little basil-colored dress 4. Lovely bobby pins to spruce up my dull brown locks 5. A pop of orange to adorn my feet 6. A new traveling companion to carry around town. 


happy monday!

How was your weekend? Mine was great! My older brother got married Saturday morning. My little brother Joey was his best man and my sister Alesya was the maid of honor. It was quite a family affair! Here's the best photo from the wedding -

Aren't they the cutest? And Joey sings like a little angel, but that's another post entirely. I hope your Monday is lovely, even if you've gotta work like I do.


thrifty thursday.

I'm thrifting far too much these days and so I want to share all the great things I find around town.

First up - mini glass canisters

I've always loved the glass canisters that Pottery Barn carries, but I could never in my thrifty life justify purchasing a few for my bathroom counters. I always thought I'd find something cheaper elsewhere. A few weeks ago, while hunting down some brass candlesticks at my local Goodwill, I came across a couple filthy glass canisters. I didn't even think twice before snatching them up. I brought those babies home, gave them a nice soapy bath and now they are sitting pretty next to my makeup brushes.

At $1.99 each, I think I did a pretty swell job.


feeling fancy.

I've been feeling fancy all of a sudden, even with my flannel pj's and a box of tissues for my runny nose.

the tradgedy of sleep.

It's sad to fall asleep. It separates people. Even when you're sleeping together, you're all alone. 
- Patricia Franchini

When I first got married, I found sleep to be such a tragedy. My ever-so-sensible husband would constantly have to remind me that we needed to wake up in only a few hours and begin another work day. I was genuinely disappointed that he didn't want to stay up all night talking nonsense. Eventually I came to terms with the fact that resting is a necessity and that some alone time, even in the form of sleep, can actually be therapeutic. After all, if we were together all the time, we'd have very little nonsense to talk about.   



chocolates: a how-to guide.

 a chocolate lovers step-by-step guide to enjoying a box from your loved one.

 1. Begin with your favorite box of truffles. Examine the box. Loudly exclaim how lovely the wrapping is and how you can't wait to enjoy each and every truffle. Wait until our loved one had brushed their teeth and is getting ready for bed before opening.

2. Tear open the pretty wrapping. Don't be hesitant here. The quicker you rip the open the box, the sooner you'll get to sink those cavity-ridden teeth of yours into those delightful little morsels.

3. Meet the truffles. Don't bother reading the pamphlet that describes each flavor.  big time waster. Go for the truffle in the center. In my experience, it is usually the best. It is common courtesy to offer a piece to anyone that is within earshot, even if you know they won't take one. It's the thought that counts here.

4. Take a bite out of each truffle. Eat the ones you like the most and hide the rest. In a moment of desperation, even the ones you didn't fancy will taste fantastic. Don't forget where you hid them and when your loved one asks you where the remaining chocolates went, tell them you ate them all.

The End


valentines day.

this weekend I was sick in bed! I didn't get to engage in paper crafting or heart-shaped cookie baking like I had planned. which is okay really. my husband did finally take me out for a nice crepe saturday night to make up for all the lounging around I did. being sick makes me feel utterly unproductive not to mention I hate admitting that my husband's germs actually got me this time. anyways, I hope your monday if full of love and sparkles and cupcakes. I'll let you know how mine was tomorrow!


hooray for the weekend.

you may not know this but I love valentines day. everything about it. I'm so happy that I've got the weekend to prepare for the celebration. I'm starting off with a valentines party tomorrow night. eeeek! I'm so excited for all the crafty decor. have a happy weekend!


emergency awesome kit.

 because sometimes I need a little somethin somethin to look a tad cooler than we all know I am.

1. Ray Bans. A classic cool-person go-to.
2. Sparkly gold Toms.  Everyone has them but me. what does that say about my cool status?
3. Trina Turk "Palm Springs" ring. Besides being hip on it's own, it was named after only the coolest city I know of.
4. Jo Malone Body & Hand Lotion. People don't even have to see me to know how cool I am.
5. Cole Haan "Jane Street" wallet. Cool shade of green to hold my punch cards to the coolest coffee shops in Portland.  

 I'm actually quite serious about this list.



last week I purchased some sweet ranunculus for a photo shoot and I've been loving them non-stop. they finally blossomed and then snapped in half from all the weight they were holding up. Here are some pictures in memory of some of the most darling flowers my apartment has seen to date.

what I've been adoring.

I have been adoring so many things lately.

 - I have been loving film all over again. It's a pity my old pentax doesn't enjoy taking photographs with me.
- I've been collecting thank-you cards like you wouldn't believe. But they get mailed out so quickly that it's good to have 200 more for backup.
- I found this perfect sea foam dress yesterday and now I can't wait for spring. minus the really bad allergies.
- I really don't have time these days to paint my nails, but I love this shade of coral so much that I would actually put "nail painting time" into my schedule.
- I found my long lost love for journaling again. The purposes of a woman's heart are deep waters, but a woman of understanding draws them out.


weekend festivities.

how was your weekend? mine was filled with oddly shaped croutons, cameras, coffee dates, and a very lady-like birthday party. of course our birthday girl didn't expect to share the spotlight with a chubby, giraffe kissing one year old, but I think she did a mighty fine job of it. Here are some photos of the festivities to ease you into your monday.