I have been anxiously awaiting spring. Not that spring is particularly kind to me, but I've always had very fond memories of it. This spring I'll be hosting an affair for my one year wedding anniversary and I really can't wait. I thought planning a wedding was great fun, but this is far better.



This happens to me way too often. I use up my "honey, look how cute!" chances waaay before I see something that is genuinely cute and next thing I know, I'm staring at a baby in a shark costume all by myself.  or I'm laying on the kitchen floor due to a misplaced banana peel.



I've always hated going to the beach when the sun is out. It may have to do with my skins ability to turn lobster red as soon as it sees the sun or my distaste for heaps upon heaps of people all crowded on a single beach. I grew up in California, so I've had my fair share of sunblock and sandy trousers so I'll pass a sunny day at the beach for a cloudy day at the ocean any day. This weekend, me and the hubs are taking off to the ocean and I hope it rains!



I finally purchased a pair of sweet little leather oxfords but I can't help feeling utterly grandmother-ish wearing them. Does anyone have a remedy or should these babies find their way back to the store?


wedding gown dilema.

Yesterday afternoon, while daydreaming at work, I received an e-mail. The instant I saw the subject line, my heart sank.  The e-mail informed me that the sweet girl in South Africa that so badly wanted my wedding dress had finally made a deposit and it was now time to ship the gown off. To be honest, I felt sickly. Growing up, I saw pictures of my mother in her wedding gown and I couldn't wait to wear it at my own wedding. I was sorely disappointed at age five, to find that my mom had given the dress away when she moved to Austria a few months before I was even born. Now here I am, selling away my own wedding gown. I thought about what my future nonexistent daughter might say. Certainly she'll wonder what I did with it, probably hoping I stored it somewhere deep in the attic for her or maybe she'll turn out completely unsentimental, wanting nothing "old" at her wedding. Either way, I think I have enough photos of my gown to satisfy her curiosity. 

Did any of you ladies sell your wedding gown? Did you find it as difficult to let go as I'm finding now?



a sure sign of spring.

This weekend I got inspired to paint my bathroom, buy a pair of old wingback chairs and start designing a functional office space. I convinced my husband that I need to reupholster some chairs asap. I don't know why, considering I've never done any reupholstering projects. And if you were wondering, we didn't find any drapes for our living room this weekend so I'm planning on finding some fabric and sewing drapes myself. again, this is not something I've ever done before. Oh well. I think all this enthusiasm is a sure sign of spring. Below are a couple of pretties that certainly put me in the spring spirit. Happy Monday! 



This week seemed both too long and quite short. Strange! but I'm happy for the weekend nonetheless. What are your plans? I've got a coffee date with a long-lost high school buddy along with a bookclub meeting and some fun dates planned with the hubs. He actually asked if we could go shopping for drapes after work today. What in the world?!?


pretty and bold.

Bike riding and pretty bold dresses.


spring fever.

I don't know what has gotten into me as of late, but I haven't been this chipper in ages! It must be the fact that it's not dark out when I wake up or when I return home! I found this awesome floral jumper yesterday and I can't get it out of my mind. My husband hates that I enjoy dressing like a five year old, but he just doesn't understand that it's easier to play in a jumper than in my perfectly ironed trousers.


ten months.

Today I've been married for ten months. Those ten months seem a lot longer though, not because they were dreadful to any degree, but because it just feels like I've always been married. I've also learned a more in the past ten months than I expected to and here's some of what I found:

- Husbands love food. Learning to cook is a necessity, not an option.
- Husbands like being places on time, especially work.
- Never carpool when neither of you has eaten breakfast.
- Don't forget to put the clothes from the washer into the dryer. They tend to smell bad after two days.
- Forgive him before bedtime. 
- Being married doesn't mean you stop dating each other.
- Husbands remember everything, so don't say getting flowers is cheesy because he'll stop bringing you flowers.
- Filling out your taxes before you were married was sooo much better.

For those of you who are married, what was something you discovered after being married for almost a year?


guest blogging.

Today I'll be guest blogging over at Stacey's blog while she's away on vacation in Maui. 

Be sure to stop by and drop a quick hello.


summer in the city.

my seasons are all over the place right now. I finally got enough courage to unpack a few boxes in my closet this weekend and found that most of them were full of breezy summer dresses. I kinda missed those guys! And since I don't plan on going anywhere warm anytime soon (remember how I said I loved doing my taxes? well, yeah, not so much anymore), I guess summer is the next time I'll be wearing anything sweet and colorful.




I thought this day would never arrive! It's been such a long week, but thank goodness it's over. Things to look forward to next week :

- Doing my taxes. yeah, yeah everyone hates it, but I actually really, really enjoy it, though it probably has something to do with my getting money back, but who knows.
- Working on a few new projects. I get pretty bummed when projects come to an end (weird, huh?), but I'm excited that new stuff comes rolling in also.
- Planning a mini vacation with the husby. We desperately need to get away.
- Having my parents over for dinner. I'm embarrassed to say that they live less than three miles away and haven't been to our new place in the five months we've lived here. Sorry mom and dad :(
- Writing up some blog posts for a lady friend who's taking off to Maui next week (that little!)

oh and have a lovely weekend, also!


dear upstair neighbors.

Last night, me and the husband came home from sushi to find a letter taped to our door.

We were a little confused. Who is this Gretchen from #290 and what made her so upset that she wrote a letter and hiked up 13 steps to tape it to our front door. We tried remembering what it was that we had done and decided this was the most accurate depiction of our evening.

6:30pm - Arrived at home with the husband, ate leftovers.
7:00pm - Husband left to a meeting leaving me all alone at home.
7:00 - 11:30pm - Husband gone, I blog, do research for several projects, read, brush teeth and iron clothes for tomorrow's work day.
11:30pm - Husband arrives home. We discuss his meeting while preparing for bed.
11:50pm - I set my alarm clock to 6:45 the next morning and I fall into a deep sleep.

I'm not sure which was more audible, my typing on the computer or my reading, but I am still genuinely baffled. Has this sort of thing ever happened to you?


time for a little picnic.

I'm planning a little wedding anniversary party in May (one year, can you believe it?!), so I've got some picnic action on the mind. I can't wait to share the details.


pretty in pink.

drooling over these lovely, lovely booties! 


desert dreaming.

I most certainly am. 

handle with care.

You know those cuties Julia and Yuriy, who travel the world and post pretty pictures on their travel blog? well kids, today they launched a new website where you can purchase prints, postcards and other goodies! and 15% of what you spend goes to charity. I'm so ecstatic! you should be too. go check out the awesomeness.