Boy this week flew by quick! It probably has a thing or two to do with all the sleep I've been getting (or all the pain killers, not sure). Some of my favorite things this Friday are below. I'm still deeply in love with all things peachy/golden/sweet. Ahhhhh it's driving me crazy, in a good way of course. Everything I've been purchasing as of late, falls right into that color palette. My apartment even smells like peachy/golden/sweetness.



You may have noticed that I've been away from my blog this week but I've got a terrific excuse! On Tuesday I went in to get four wisdom teeth extracted. Boy was that a wild ride. Actually, it was terrifying, mostly because I couldn't eat for 12 hours before the surgery (terrible, right). I had butterflies all Tuesday morning and when we got to my dentist's office I almost couldn't take it anymore. They called me back to the operating room and the sweet staff immediately began with the IV and the oxygen. They covered me in blankets and asked me a few general questions before I told my husband that I felt funny. Next thing I know, I'm being wheeled out to my car. Everything was pretty blurry from there. I just remember my husband laughing a whole lot and me trying to talk with a mouth full of gauze. When I got home my husband got a couple bags of ice for my cheeks and used pillows to prop them up to my face while I slept. I did a whole lot of that yesterday. My husband even documented my misery.


Before getting some much needed rest, I scribbled a vicodin-induced grocery list for my husband.


Check out my delirious handwriting. The list reads:
- Ice pack, gauze, ice bag (?), frozen yogurt mango or tropical, chocolate chunk ice-cream maybe Ben and Jerrys, iced caramel  macchiato (underlined multiple times), superfood and kiss

This has been my survival kit for that last couple days. I'm in and out of consciousness throughout the day, and I feel pretty nauseous/tired/useless. Thankfully my sweet husband was able to take a couple of days off from work to babysit me (literally). He is by far the best husband in this galaxy.  

Oh, I also considered posting photos of what I look like, now that the swelling has really set in, but I thought I'd spare you guys the nightmares. It really is that frightening.



 Playing along with Lauren this swell Friday.

1. My favorite daily responsibility is, making the bed. It's the easiest and most noticeable. Oh and laundry. I love everything about it. 
2.  My least favorite daily responsibility is, waking up. that and doing the dishes. It's one of those things I hate thinking about doing, but once I'm actually doing them, I'm fine with it. 
3.  My favorite cuisine to eat when going out is, anything and everything, really.
4.  My favorite cuisine to prepare at home is,  anything pasta. Especially mac and cheese, the real kind. soooo goood. 
5.  Andy Warhol said that everyone is famous for 15 minutes. My claim to fame is, errr none? besides my wedding being featured on Style Me Pretty, I'm mostly bland and utterly un-famous.
6.  If I could have 3 wishes I would wish  for something along the lines of having an old castle on my own island with a magical oven that would bake different pastries five times a day.
7.  My biggest pet peeve is  mostly the poor driving abilities of others. Also the fact that Saint Cupcake isn't open on Mondays.



I'm not a full time blogger. In fact, I'm hardly even a part-time blogger, so this is where I blog/pore over the hundreds of wonderful blogs that are out on the world wide web. Sometimes I'm sitting on the left side of the couch and when things get really intense I'll be sitting on the right side. There is a very outdated map of the world behind me and it has come in handy twice in the past five months. I say that's one useful decorative item! Besides being the only couch/office-y area in our tiny apartment, this spot is also conveniently located by our only source of natural light, making it prime real-estate for some serious less-than-part-time blogging.




This weekend proved that warm weather is still existent. What a relief! We spent the weekend running errands and checking out paint samples for our bathroom. We got stuck between colors like rainwater, aurora borealis and spring melt but in the end decided to buy a tape measure instead. I forget that compromises in marriage happens with things like paint colors for a bathroom. Who knew? Anyways, the paint section at home depot turned out to be pretty inspiring. I don't think I'll be painting my house in sweet pastels but I do find them charming in spring weddings.



hey kids, it's friday and I am thrilled. I haven't had such wonky-weird week in forevs. This week has brought a swollen face, a driving-my-car-lightly-into-another-car episode and a dramatic visit to the dentist.  The dentist kindly assured me that I'm not going to die from any teeth issues, not anytime soon anyways, and I was cleared to fly to LA for my sweet cousin's wedding (hooray!). I just need to make it through today and we'll be golden!

This weekend I'm looking forward to a little book clubbing saturday morning and then perhaps some paint shopping and paper flower making. Hope you folks have a sunny one!



So I lied there a little bit. I have been very thrifty as of late, so thrifty that I haven't been thrifting! Does that make sense? good! Me and the hubs are trying to figure out the logistics of our apartment, which we found to be quite tricky since we only have a one bedroom and we do a whole lot of living in our living room. We're just hoping we can get our apartment looking somewhat decent before we throw an apartment warming party (yes, I know, 5 months later!). Did you throw an apartment/condo/house warming party? I haven't been to one in ages, do people even have those anymore?

( 1 2 3 )



I've got a serious case of life-long procrastination going on. It started with violin lessons when I was a kiddo, moved onto research papers in college and now onto my wisdom teeth as an irresponsible adult. Reason would tell you to find out why your jaw hurts so bad, but procrastination says that it'll go away in a day or so and when the pain is still there two years later wait until the week before your cousin's long-anticipated wedding to have them removed. Procrastination, you are so illogical. And while I'm waiting for my dentist to schedule an emergency extraction for me, I'm going to look at pictures of cute critters to make myself feel better about this whole situation. I think it's working.




Well. I was kinda lame this weekend. My and the hubs slept in Saturday and decided we didn't want to drive to the beach after all, which was fine and dandy, really. We did some serious apartment cleaning then headed over to one of our favorite coffee shops for a mid-afternoon treat. Thatcher's Coffee is by far one of the best though-out coffee places I've been to. Their branding is fantastic and the general aesthetic of the place is just warm and inviting. It's usually packed on Saturdays, but we lucked out and got a window seat all to ourselves.



1.   The best prank I ever pulled was : This wasn't for April Fools, but during my high school days, there was this supposed haunted house that all the kids went to on the weekends. If you backed your car into the driveway, the ghosts of the people who were killed in the house would push your car away from the driveway. creepy, right? Me and my high school besty decided to take it a step further and told our group of friends before heading to the haunted house that if anyone gets a nose bleed on the way to the haunted house, it was a sign that they would die before the next day.  We packed a vile of fake blood and took off to the haunted house that none of us had been to. At the gas station, I managed to slip some fake blood into my nose and watched in delight as my friends bailed out one by one. It was great fun.

2.  The best prank ever pulled on me was: Well you can't kid a kidder, unfortunately.

3.  A day without good coffee is a day wasted.

4.  The most important things in life are:  convictions.

5.  I dream of:   organizing my closet already. I'm simple minded.

6.  I dreadgetting my wisdom teeth removed. That's probably why they are still in my mouth, trying to kill me.

7.  A discovery I made this week was: Jo Malone's Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne. It reminds me so much of my childhood because my dad would always drink earl grey tea. Oh nostalgia!