It seems I've turned into one of those bloggers that only posts about the things they do on weekends, however mundane those activities are. Apologies for that. I'll get back into the swing of things one of these days, scouts honor. As for my weekend, it was a pretty sunny one. We didn't have any plans or appointments so it was pretty fantastic sleeping in until 9:00am and making a big fatty breakfast. My husband is the king of breakfast, namely breakfast sandwiches. This is the monstrosity he created Saturday morning ...
That's a bagel smothered in cream cheese, an egg cooked sunny side up with melted muenster cheese and smoked salmon. I estimate I consumed about 3,400 calories for breakfast and it was definitely worth it. Later we went to our favorite coffee spot and walked around Fort Vancouver. I stumbled upon a rose garden filled with the most fragrant roses I'd ever met!
We even found our future home. Isn't she a cutie?
My camera died soon after this photo :( 
How did you enjoy the sunny weekend?



This last weekend was full of accomplishments. We finally painted our bedroom on Saturday. When I say "we" I really mean husband, although I was available for moral support throughout the painting process. The color we used was a warm mink and it makes our room look twice as big, which is always nice considering the sheer tininess of our apartment. Next we'll be finding some shnazzy nightstands and getting some art on those walls.

On Sunday morning my husband ran his first half-marathon. My favorite part was seeing folks holding up signs for their friends saying "no one made you do this", which is how my husband felt around mile two. At mile eight his IT band got a wee bit injured but he pushed through. This photo was taken shortly after crossing the finish line (note the advil):

That studly man inspired me to take a running clinic this summer, in hopes that I could join him on all the wild running adventures he seems to be having these days. Here's an awkward photo of us. It appears I don't like being hugged by sweaty men. Sorry dear.

As for Father's day and my father-in-law's 50th birthday party, all I can say is yummm! Is it bad that my favorite part of any holiday/celebration is the food?



This past weekend was a blur. We started Saturday off by chopping down gargantuan tree branches for an upcoming wedding and subsequently taking those tree branches to an undisclosed location to keep safe and somewhat alive*, until Thursday.  I then proceeded to help my husband train for his upcoming half-marathon by taking him to Ikea, where we spotted my future office desk, bought it and spent the rest of the evening putting it together. I also took a little trip to the flower market to pick out some lovlies for the wedding. I just can't enough of flowers. It's all I've been thinking about these days!


* One branch has definitely died. 



Definitely on my summer crafting to-do list.
  At least the pot will look lovely because it's a known fact that any plant in our house is a dead one.

(found here)



Just a few things on my summer to-do list :

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What's on your list?



So my memorial day way rather awesome. I've never loved a day off from work like I did on Monday. We started off the day by making omelets, french toast and espresso with our good friends Stacey and Jimmy before heading out on a mini-hike in honor of our buddy, Andrew's birthday. I think you're only allowed one birthday hike, but Andrew took it to the next level and requested two. Whatever you want birthday boy! Needless to say our mini-hike was fantastic. So fantastic that I managed to return with 600 pictures, most of them being photos of moss. 

 Andrew rewarded himself for being born by sharing an amazing steak dinner at his house after the hike.

Thanks for being born, Andrew!