I'm craving coral these days. From lipstick to nail polish, dresses to flowers, I'm loving every shade of coral.




I have to confess, I was on a bit of a roll this weekend. After writing out my summer to-do list, I was  enthusiastically crossing things off left and right. This Saturday I baked my first upside down plum cake of the season. Now I have another confession. It was terrible. Downright disgusting, actually. The entire time  I was mixing the ingredients together, all I could think about was how wonderful it will look and how delicious my husband would think it tastes. Did I mention I wanted to impress you all with my mad baking skills as well? I took the sad little cake out of the oven and plopped it onto a plate. A true test in humility. It's one thing if a cake is ugly, it's another when it tastes as bad as it looks. I even tried feeding it to my little brother and his friend the next day (sorry about that Artem), but even they were wise enough to leave the hard, lumpy substance untouched. So that's that. My baking skills are below par. Good thing my list says "bake non-stop" or else I would be ditching my spatula right  about now. 

Here's a photo of the plums happily simmering on the stove. 



This weekend I got busy on my summer to-do list. First up: finishing my office space. We took a trip to Goodwill to hunt down some new (old, dusty) chairs for the desk. I figure if I reupholster a chair for my office space, I'll be crossing three things off my list (restoring a piece of furniture, sewing something and finishing my office space.) But alas, nothing was to be found. We then drove over to the Fabric Depot to see what kind of goodies they might have. Here are some of my favorites.

They had a fairly large selection of fabric, so I needed to take some samples home to sleep on.
(Don't worry, those lace samples were definitely not in the running for my office space.)




I realized my first "summer to-do" list was rather small, so I decided to go all out and release the unabridged version (more or less anyway). I think by writing this out I'll be more likely to make this stuff happen. I mean, for crying in the night, summer is half over so I really need to get on with it!

1. Do some honest camping
2. Swim in the ocean
3. Pick berries, lots of them
4. Paint (walls and pictures)
5. Bake non-stop
6. Restore at lease one piece of furniture
7. Ride a bike
8. Take a day off (crazy, I know)
9. Read at least five books.
10. Sew something, anything
11. Take a road trip
12. Have our annual end-of summer bash
13. Picnic with friends
14. Start journaling again.
15. Purge the closet
16. Be on a boat, any boat.
17. Find a new favorite restaraunt
18. Learn more about taking pictures
19. Jam (with fruits)
20. Set up office space



I'm styling a wedding for these two cuties in September.
I just saw their save the date video and had to share.



 So I have finally started crossing off things on my summer to-do list. Slowly but surely, my friends. Last Saturday, me and the husband grabbed some buckets and drove over to the nearest berry field we could find, which was literally down the street from our apartment and we started picking.
It was an uncomfortably hot day and my husband wore a nice black shirt. poor guy.

Together we collected two buckets and $11 worth of strawberries, which lasted us roughly two days. Yeah. They were that good. Next up, raspberries and blueberries.  



Since we don't have a pool or even a backyard, we'll be hosting porch parties this summer. Never mind that our porch can fit only fit six people uncomfortably or the fact that it is currently being used as a storage space for my vast collection of props. Here are some goodies for the perfect porch party this summer:



This weekend we went to the happiest place on earth, Ikea. I promised Mr. Husband it'll be a quick stop and I almost can't believe I kept my word. This weekend we picked up some shelves for our office space, which we have slowly been putting together. This Ikea trip was a total of 17 minutes and included:

- Skipping the top floor and heading straight to the packaged shelves.  Big time saver.
- Eating Ikea Food.  Hot dogs and soda. Classy.
- Reassuring husband that our short shopping trip was actually over.
- Rewarding ourselves with more Ikea foods.
And finally, here is that sad little office space of ours. That desk is actually a catch-all right now and terribly useless but in good time this will be a creative factory for me and a study spot for the husband.

Setting up our office space and sprucing up the porch will probably be the two bigger projects we'll finish within the next couple weeks. What projects are you finally tackling this summer?



I spotted this lovely creation over at Always With Butter and I couldn't contain my excitement! Poppy seed was a layer in our wedding cake and I'm so thrilled that I can now make it all the time! I realize that I didn't put "gain thirty pounds" on my summer to-do list, but it looks like I don't have much of a choice in the matter. I'll be showing off my baking skills and my double chin next week. Until then, happy Friday and have a happy weekend!




We typically love the fourth. In the past it has always included yummy BBQ, camping, bonfires at the beach and fireworks. This year, however, we were a little more laid back. We didn't even know what we planned on doing until we finished breakfast at 1:00pm. So we eventually decided to keep it low-key and head over to Fort Vancouver for the fireworks show. Awesomely enough, we've got friends in high, park ranger places and got VIP treatment all the from our parking spots to the firework viewing. Here are some photos of the junk we ate, the things we saw and some more fireworks. 

Remember our wedding tree? 
There were hundred of pasty folks tanning around it. Actually rather disturbing.

At sundown, we made our way to the fort, which had just been closed to the public. Friends and family members of Fort Vancouver employees got to watch the show from inside the fort. Oh yeah and it was also the closest spot the where the fireworks were being shot from. No big deal. While waiting for the sun to set, we watched little planes take off and land on the runway. We even witnessed a little one make a crash landing outside the fort wall.
And when the sun finally set, the firework show began. I was not the least bit disappointed. 

Next year I'll be wise enough to bring a warm blanket and emergency allergy medicine. 
That sneaky pollen really got me this time. 

How did you spend your fourth?



Hi friends! Just wanted to stop by and drop a quick hello before diving head-first into my work. I guess having a long weekend does have it's drawbacks. Here are some of the fancy fireworks I saw last night. More to come, scouts honor.