Officially today is my birthday but I cheated and began celebrating secretly last week. Every year, as tradition demands, I have birthday breakfast, lunch or dinner with my dear friend Maria. This year we did breakfast at Mothers Bar & Bistro, one of my favorite stops for waffles and wild salmon hash. Luckily we went on a weekday and avoided the typical hour-long wait. Maria goes to school up north so I usually only get to see her twice a year, for her birthday and for my birthday. It actually works out rather well.


Do any of you have fun birthday traditions?



I know what you're thinking. "Kae must really be enjoying her summer. Probably picking berries all day long and baking yummy pies." Truthfully, I'm not picking berries. or enjoying my summer. I'm mostly eating store-bought pie and doing a buncha work. and all I can think about is sleeping in and eating more pie. I know this probably sounds like a disorder, but it's not. It's called being an adult. I think. okay. have a good weekend. I'm off to Seattle to style a shoot and spend time with friends.

P.S: Is a three-hour drive considered a road trip? 




Today I'm guest posting for Melanie over at you are my fave. Make sure to find your way over there sometime today.



On Sunday, my husband and I got in our car and drove until the road we were on ended. We found this secret spot on the river a while back, but haven't had a chance to stroll along the banks due to the high water this past spring. The water had finally gone down and we were able to take a little stroll.




Sometimes this is the best way to start your Tuesday. 



Alright friends! I am really getting this list of mine taken care of. This weekend I was on a boat. Well, actually it was more of a raft but I'm sure that still counts. Me, the husband and some friends took off early Saturday morning to the White Salmon river. The section we rafted were class 3-4 rapids, so nothing tooo scary but it great fun, especially for those who hadn't gone rafting before.

Here's us waiting anxiously for the raft. You really do not want to see us in those wet suits. Unfortunately there aren't any photos of us actually inside the raft, so you'll just have to trust me when I say it really did happen.

 After a few hours on the water, we drove into Hood River for a little BBQ and lounging around. It was the most beautiful, warm day I've seen in a long while.

We also stopped by the local burger shack for some cold treats before heading home.


So that was my little weekend. I crossed off one thing on my list and am desperately looking for opportunities to cross off the rest since summer is so close to being over (it's AUGUST today, people!). Did you cross anything off your list this weekend?