I can't believe it's Friday.... again. It's been a rough week. The husband started school on Monday and I've been trying to figure out our new schedule. I almost can't believe we both worked downtown, carpooled to the office and took lunches together. Now we see each other in the evenings, though he's usually doing homework and catching up on his reading.

So here's what I've been learning more and more these past few days. I'm usually marching to my own drumbeat, planning for my own future and doing what I think I need to get there. The biggest thing about being married is that you are no longer the only one who makes decisions and you are not the only one with goals. I always find myself thinking this simple truth is easy to live by until I'm sacrificing my date night so husband can do homework. I'm glad I get situations like this that allow me live out what I believe and thankfully my husband and I understand that we are in the same boat, heading in the same direction with the same mindset. And if all goes well, we'll be in a boat in this canal in the near future. eeep!




I'm finally ready to sit down and evaluate my summer. If you remember, this was my list.

1. Do some honest camping
2. Swim in the ocean
3. Pick berries, lots of them
4. Paint (walls and pictures)
5. Bake non-stop
6. Restore at lease one piece of furniture
7. Ride a bike
8. Take a day off (crazy, I know)
9. Read at least five books.
10. Sew something, anything
11. Take a road trip
12. Have our annual end-of summer bash
13. Picnic with friends
14. Start journaling again.
15. Purge the closet
16. Be on a boat, any boat.
17. Find a new favorite restaurant
18. Learn more about taking pictures
19. Jam (with fruits)
20. Set up office space 

 So 10 out of 20 things were accomplished. I'd say that's pretty good for someone who's rather crummy at accomplishing things in a timely manner. I'll be sharing my office space soon, which has actually been really fun putting together. I'm sad to say that I didn't go camping once (though we talked about it a lot) and although I got my toes into the ocean, I wasn't brave enough to jump in. Oh well. Next year perhaps. I stated reading a few books, but haven't finished any and while I've eaten so much good food lately, I don't think I found a new favorite place. All in all, I'd say this was a successful summer, regardless of the things I did or didn't get a chance to do. 



Happy first day of fall. Hooray! I've only been waiting for this season all year long. I've got a few lingering summer posts to take care of and then I'm diving head first into some serious fall blogging including some fancy DIY projects, harvest parties and possibly even a tour of my little home. I know, I know, so much craziness. Have a nice little weekend and I'll see you all Monday morning! 



We took one final beach trip to end summer a few Saturdays back. It's strange thinking summer is over when we are just now getting nice weather. Although I like summer, I actually enjoy fall so much more. I'll go over my summer to-do list tomorrow to see how well I really did at crossing things off. I have to admit, I only looked at it a handful of times after I wrote it.




We've been having a whole lotta fun 'round here! 

1. We took one last trip to the beach to end off summer. It was the most incredibly warm day at the beach I've had in a long while. I'm still sporting the sunburn I got that day.
2. Wedding season is finally winding down. I love wedding season, so this is a bit sad.
3. J. Crew has been harassing me with their e-mails and I might have caved (multiple times) into purchasing shoes. and sweaters. and pants. and headbands. and blouses. you know how it is. 
4. Our friend, Andrew all dressed up at a wedding. He's always looking so sharp.
5. Me and the husband have found the most incredible pancake mix ever. We've been eating pancakes non-stop for a couple of weeks now. So good. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of this glorious mix.
6. I've been cleaning out my closet to make room for the new goodies. See? I'm not that much of a hoarder!
7. September has been birthday month. Five birthdays in two weeks. I'm not one to complain but it's been a birthday cake overload! The fella in the middle is my little brother Joey, who just turned twenty.
8. I just found this donut shop on Friday and I haven't been able to get it off my mind. I highly recommend the buttermilk donut. There's really no point in trying to have just one.
9. That's me and an Italian soda at Joey's birthday.



You guys! This was supposed to be a short week, but it's felt a little too lengthy for my liking. No worries though, I've got a weekend full of awesome-ness that I'm sure to share next week. Saturday we're celebrating the end of summer with a little beach trip (again, I know!) and the hubster's birthday is on Sunday. I actually wanted to make an entire post dedicated to all the reasons why my husband is the best, but decided not to make you all jealous. kidding! No really, though, he is the best. 

Anyway, have yourself a happy Friday!






I was pretty stoked for Labor Day this year. I don't think I've ever spent a Labor Day away from water and this time around was no different. We decided a beach trip would be a good idea since temperatures were so toasty in our neck of the woods. When we did arrive at Cape Disappointment, we were a little disappointed. It was cold and fog was rolling in. I guess no lounging around for us. We took the worlds tiniest hike to Ilwaco beach where we searched for treasure, seashells and driftwood before succumbing to a slice of wood-fire pizza.  





I promise I'm back to being a good blogger! Now that summer is over I'll try being less distracted. 
If you were curious, this is what I've been up to as of late.
celebrating my birthday (which turned into a two week event!). hanging out with cute little people. visiting the cold, cold ocean (weather forecasts are such a tricky thing, I tell ya). eating some serious cupcakes (three dozen in one week). hanging out with the hubster (and apparently not getting any sun).



This week has been sheer madness. Not really but it has been lots of work (the kind I like) and all because of these two crazy people. They're getting married on Saturday and it's going to be a hoot. Daniel Usenko just posted their three (yes, three) engagement shoots on his blog, but I think this photo is my absolute favorite. Go see the rest!