Should it concern me that ninety percent of the photos on my phone are of food?



We started looking for paint for our apartment months ago but couldn't find anything we loved so we kinda gave up on painting altogether. It wasn't until we visited Manor Fine Wares for the hundredth time, that I found what I had been looking for. I noticed that the built in cabinetry at the shop was painted in the prettiest blue/gray/green-ish color I'd ever seen. Miraculously, they even sold the paint right there in the store. I bought a sample, brought it home and created this:

This is what my dining area has looked like for the last few weeks. The paint is from Farrow and Ball and at $85 gallon, I needed some serious convincing. Actually I was sold after this post-modern art on my wall was dry. The quality of this stuff is beyond what I expected. The color is so rich and dreamy. Here's a sample of Blue Gray I pulled from their website:

We have yet to paint into the kitchen, but I'll share photos once that's done. I think I'll be using this color in every place I live in from now on, that's how much I love it. Next I need to coordinate the walls of the adjacent living room to this but can't seem to narrow my focus on one color. Any ideas?



I love my french press. love love love. It's such a quick way to make yummy coffee. My only complaint is that it cools down so quickly. By the time I get around the my second cup, the contents of my french press are lukewarm and it sadly ends up in the kitchen sink. But I've decided to solve my french press problems once and for all by making a little cozy. Let me show you how it's done.

1. Scissors for cutting fabric, felt and ribbon.
2. Felt. This will fill the fabric and it will insulate heat.
3. Needle and thread. If you're really fancy, you can replace this with a picture of a sewing machine.
4. Pretty fabric.
5. Ribbon to match your fabric. Preferably something sturdy. You'll need four 5 inch pieces.

First things first, measure out your felt and fabric. It's quite easy. just wrap some of your felt around your french press and make sure it's covers the majority of the glass section. You'll see what I mean when the cozy it complete. Measure fabric to go around the felt like a hotdog with the back side of the fabric facing you. This will save you from having to sew one side of the cozy. Now move the felt aside. We'll need it later.

Next, start sewing. I used a basic backstitch, which I'm not even sure is a legitimate way to sew but it got the job done. All you fancy pants out there can use your sewing machines here. I started in one corner and worked my way up over the top. The trickiest part is the ribbon. Put the ribbon inside the cozy and pull out a little piece that you can sew onto the fabric as you go up. You may also want to safety pin the ribbon as you're sewing so the ribbon doesn't end up crooked.

As you're sewing, be sure to leave a small gap in the middle of the top. You'll need the gap for the felt to be inserted.

After making sure you've left a gap, flip your creation inside out. It should look something like the photo above. Next, take your felt and place it inside. Smooth out the felt and make sure it fits snuggly into each corner. If your piece of felt turned out too big, simply cut it to fit. It's so easy. Finally, when the felt is perfect, sew up the gap.

Now it's time to dress your french press. Tie the ribbon together and voila! you're done. So easy.




Only one word describes my weekend perfectly: exhausting. It was the good kind of exhausting, though. The kind where you find yourself smiling as you're falling into a deep hibernation on Sunday night. These kind of weekends are my favorite. Here's a little breakdown for you:
1. I've been cooking. It's kinda my new thing. I get home from work and I'm excited to whip something up from scratch and serve it to my always-impressed husband.

2. Enjoyed a little tea party birthday shindig for my little brothers main girl.
3. I can finally say that it's cold out. A stroll downtown on Saturday felt amazingly refreshing.
4. Sunday was beautiful. I mean everything about Sunday was beautiful. I can go on and on, but I won't.
5. I enjoyed some Thai food with the husband one afternoon. This is the only Thai iced tea I drink because it desn't taste like cardboard to me.
6. More treats. We inhaled that last ice-cream bars for dessert. or was it an appetizer?
7. The husband studied endlessly. This man takes his school seriously. Do not stand between him and his six hours of daily study time. 
8. We did take a break to head over to Ikea for some pillows.
9. And I was able to make some pillow covers out of my new favorite fabric. 

Happy Monday everyone! 

P.S: Today is Boss's Day. So go buy your boss some donuts or something.



I'm so so excited today! The new website for Short & Sweet Design is up and running, which means I no longer have to feel guilty about neglecting the Short & Sweet Design blog, because there isn't one. Also, I've got a nifty button on the left that takes you right there, just in case you need me to style your wedding or something.




I have been to Seattle a handful of times over the years and I've always found it to be just okay. I never had a terrible experience or anything, I just never found that city or it's surrounding areas particularly charming. At the end of August, my husband and I took a trip up north for work and to see our dear friends. We spent the sweltering Saturday walking around town looking for something cold to drink. We were, quite literally, drenched in sweat. I have never taken a trip and returned with so few photographs. It was way too hot. After doing some more sight seeing, my friends surprised me with a visit to a cupcake shop for my birthday. Luckily we got there just in time for happy hour. Yay!

 When it finally cooled off, we took a scenic walk through the Queen Anne neighborhood. It was magical. I started to feel like me and Seattle had some serious chemistry going on.
I woke up the next morning at 3:30 to head out for a photo shoot. I loved spending time with some of my favorite ladies and making beautiful things together. Here are some behind the scenes photos from the shoot compliments of miss Eleanor.

On the drive home all I could talk about was how much I loved Seattle. Maybe it was because my Seattle-savvy friends showed me around town and I wasn't in a fog as to where I was and where I was going. Maybe it was the aaamazing food I got to enjoy or the great people watching. Regardless, all I know is that I love Seattle.