This fall season has been the most beautiful I can remember, not to mention the coldest. I tend to bring out a few items to cozy up the house for this transition. My holiday quilt and all the pine cones and woodsy things I've saved over the last couple years get scattered around the tiny apartment. I've already started receiving holiday cards and, though I usually don't like putting anything on my fridge, I don't mind showcasing these lovely greetings one bit.

What are some season-welcoming rituals you do around the house?




This past Saturday, we started a new tradition. Once a month a bunch of us gals are gathering together for a ladies brunch. Each one brings her favorite dish and we eat non-stop while discussing politics, work and husbands (or rather, how to find them through various, sometimes comical avenues). Our first brunch lasted into dinner and eventually turned into a dance party. Don't ask how, because I'm not quite sure myself. 





The problem with playing monopoly with my in-laws is that our games tend to last into the wee hours of the morning. Last night we got home earlier than usual, around 1:00am. This makes for a Monday morning full of coffee and regret. 
Hope your Monday is a bit more lively!



Here are some shots from the weekend. I did some catching up on party invites and worked on a little Thanksgiving centerpiece mock-up. Can you believe Thanksgiving is in just a few weeks? I also did a little digging through magazines and catalogs for some holiday inspiration. I've kept every magazine I subscribed to since 2002 and I always find myself looking back to the holiday issues. Those are always the best.



 Fall is in full swing over here, my friends! Foggy mornings, wet slippy leaves on the sidewalks, beautiful colors on the trees and frost on my windshield. This season is undoubtedly my favorite of all. Besides all the comfort things that I enjoy (cozy fire, apple cider dates, scarves), fall has always been a time of quiet rejuvenation and personal growth. So far this fall has been no different. I know that most people find the darker days and cold weather somewhat depressing but it's just what I need after a long and lazy summer to get my mind working once again.
I hope you all have a reflective and warm weekend!



I've sworn off all big shopping for the rest of the year and I'm focusing on small little treasures that catch my eye instead. Here are the latest goodies I thought I'd get some good use out of.