When we finally arrived in Victoria, we drove a couple blocks to the condos where our entire family was staying. We had three separate condos that housed a total of eleven people. It was mass chaos at times but fun to imagine what it would be like if we all lived a few feet from each other. We had four days to do whatever we pleased and try as we might, we couldn't quite escape each other. We ended up drinking lots of tea, running into each other at breakfast, going to historic buildings and seeing a flick or two. We tried being inconspicuous tourists but we failed quite miserably. By day four, we had completely embraced our tourist status (see bear photos below).



Confession: I'm a pretty crummy traveler. I over-pack, I under-pack, I whine during long car rides, I complain about the temperature and how much music I can hear from your earphones. Worst of all, I'm always hungry.  Something else I can now add to this list is that I'm easily nauseated. I took my very first ferry ride from Port Angeles to Victoria B.C on our weekend getaway to Canada and boy, did that little excursion do a number on me. At first I really enjoyed grabbing a seat at the front of the ferry and watching the rest of the family play cards, but as soon as we started moving, I was a nauseous mess. Thankfully the ride was under an hour and a half and we spent a good amount of time outside in the crisp Canadian (or was it American?) air. Fun fact: I got sea-sick editing these pictures. seriously. 



Right this very second I should be packing for a quick trip up north for some much needed R & R, but instead I'm working on a few projects that I just can't seem to get off the brain (and why should I, they're all just a month or two away!). But anyway, we're taking off tomorrow morning and meeting family and friends in Victoria B.C. Any trip to Canada in the past was usually one involving camping and subsequently gutting fish by a campfire. This time we're staying closer to the border and civilization. Do any of you recommend places for me to eat/drink/shop and or see? I'd love to hear!



My little brother decided to pop the question to his lady last Saturday. A small group of us helped him with the set up at a gazebo that they happened upon during their first date. The day was cold but absolutely beautiful. We strung up lights throughout the space and hid in our car while watching Joey turn on the lights and get down on one knee. It was magical.



Today I'm starting a new tradition of sharing the wedding planning process of one of my current clients.

Mary has graciously allowed me to share her current wedding planning experience with you all. You can't tell from my typing but I am sooo excited for Mary and Jakes' lovely upcoming nuptials. They are a joy to work with and I'm blessed to gain a new friend through this experience. Now onto Mary ....

"Jake and I... we are just two simple people. He's a real man, I'm a lady. He likes boy toys, I love all things pretty. He's rock solid and disciplined, I'm a soft free bird. I love to talk and he listens. He leads and I follow. He's rational and I'm super emotional. What can I say, opposites attract? But we both love God, each other, our families, friends and our church.  We love to do pretty much anything, as long as we're together!  May it be taking a walk downtown and do some people watching; jogging at 5:30 in the morning; going on a hike with our friends; driving to the coast to sit and watch the waves; or hang out by a bonfire while gazing at the shooting stars.  Along with all that, come many different conversations on many different topics. 

Now we're in the middle of planning our wedding for March 10th, 2012!  We're both looking forward to an awesome day filled with family, friends and the expression of our love towards each other!  We're looking to incorporate an atmosphere that will be relaxing, comfortable, easy going, but at the same time charming and beautifully pretty.  We want this day to represent what we believe in and include everyone that we love and care about.  Our ambitions are to merge both of our ideas, styles and desires into all of the aspects of the day to represent our unity.  We want to remember this day as a cherished, tender, loving and stress free day, when we look back a few years from now."