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You know that feeling of impending doom? Even though nothing has gone wrong and chances are that nothing will, you still have this feeling, this heaviness about all the things that need to get done, be looked at or mailed out? I think a heavy dose of quiet time in a nice comfy chair will go a long way is soothing all of the unknowns, don't you think? That would be my ideal plan for the weekend, but I have a feeling I'll be doing something much more adventurous.  Happy Friday!



Things are really speeding up for Mary, my March bride. I know I''ve left you a little in the dark as to what's been going on with her but no worries, everything has been wonderful and busy. And here's Mary:

I have roughly three weeks until the long awaited day! It all feels like a dream right now. All the planning is pretty much done, we just have the small details to attend to. Last week I had my makeup and hair trial. When I put the veil on for a quick look, that's where it hit me! I am actually getting married, for real! It is such a sweet feeling and realization. 

Throughout the engagement process there have been so many lessons that I've learned, the biggest being that a relationship is about teamwork. There is no room for selfishness. To make a relationship work I have to learn how to compromise and both of us have to give up certain preferences. We can't always expect to have our own way. I am learning how to have unity in everything that we do. Another HUGE lesson I'm learning is the importance of communication. A lot of conflict, arguments and disagreements can be avoided if there is an open line of communication. I'm so thankful to God that He's given me the opportunity to figure that out in the beginning steps of our relationship.

Right now I'm looking through my life in photos for a short slide show we'll be showing our guests at the reception. Jake is finishing up the schedule for our drivers and photographer while I'm compiling a list for the photographer of all the photos that we'd really love to look back at after we're married. Although wedding planning is fun and a once in a life time opportunity, what I'm really looking forward to is making our house a home! With Kae's unbelievable help, I actually have the energy to think about things beyond the wedding day and not stress over all the little details.



Valentine's is quite possibly my second favorite holiday of all time. The pink and red and flowers and sweets really make the holiday worth looking forward to. This year me and the hubs did the following to celebrate our love (ahh so cheesy, I love it!):
1. We went out for our favorite meal of the day. I know people love to go out for dinner at some fancy shmancy place, but we really prefer waffles and salmon hash instead.
2. Me and the man exchanged silly cards. Mine was handmade and his was just awesome.
3. Ate a delicious dinner and finished the evening off with cupcakes. We may or may not have had some for breakfast too. 
How'd your Valentine's Day go? 



This past Saturday I styled a Valentine's shindig and I used the few leftover flowers to make a teeny tiny Valentine's arrangement for myself. I'm not exactly wild about carnations, but bunched up like this and in those shameless pinks and corals, I adore it!