Last September, I had the honor of styling a wedding for a very awesome couple. Max was the videographer at our wedding and Galina is my husband's cousin. They are actually one of the sweetest couples I know, not to mention one of the most beautiful. When Galina first contacted me she told me that they wanted to get married under the same oak tree that me and my husband got married under. It felt like I was planning my own wedding all over again. Talk about nostalgia! 

Their wedding was based around a color scheme of soft pinks, grays and tiny hints of blue. The biggest project we undertook was making hundreds of flowers out of crepe paper for the ceremony tree. We also loved going to local dahlia farms and picking the most beautiful dahlias of the season for the centerpieces. The whole planning process was such a joy and it flowed right into the wedding day. Congratulations again to the lovely couple!

I have to add that these stunning photos were taken by Daniel Usenko. You can check out more of his incredible work on his website and blog.



I love giving gifts to my brides and grooms more than anything. My favorite things to give are simple, personal and practical. For Mary and Jake I used an image of their silhouettes from their wedding stationery to create stamps for them to use on everything. I paired their silhouette with a thank you stamp in their wedding font. Blush colored card stock and soft white envelopes completed the package.




I spotted a little recipe on pintrest the other day (actually it was just a photo, no recipe) and I decided to treat my husband to his favorite meal of the day. I took the photo minus the ramekin (don't have those quite yet) and the prosciutto (forgot that on my shopping trip) and made a recipe out of it. I actually never use recipes, which might explain why I'm a bad cook. Nonetheless, this turned out pretty fantastic. If you're interested, I just threw in some eggs, spinach, cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, salt and pepper (and prosciutto, if you remember) and cooked it over easy. Easy peasy. 



The weather this weekend was unreal. The sun was shining and it actually felt like August. We spent the weekend running errands and enjoying all the much needed sunshine. Last night I got to looking through my flickr account and I found some summertime photos that I couldn't wait to re-create in the near future. This was our last beach trip before fall crept in.



I've been wanting pretty much anything cute and fluffy these days. I certainly don't plan on becoming a puppy mama anytime soon, but Mr. Husband promised we'd get one when we buy our first home (which luckily for him, may not be for a long long while). One thing I actually do need are office chairs. We currently have a pair of really tacky office chairs I purchased from craigslist months ago for a whopping $40. I convinced myself that I'd refurbish them before the new year rolled around, buuuuut that never happened. I just couldn't settle on a single color to paint those chairs but I think this orange is a real winner.
want / need )