I should probably start by apologizing for being so busy and spending time away from my computer, but I know you will inevitably benefit from me being out and about, seeing real people and making real things. 

Recently a friend of mine got married and I helped plan the entire affair in one month. It was the best wedding to date. Simple, understated and 100% them. We designed the invites, sewed all the bunting and napkins, chopped down trees for cake stands, and made all the bouquets and boutonnieres.



Easter is my favorite holiday, no matter what I've said earlier. Everything about is is perfect. I love what the holiday stands for, I love the family brunch that turns into family dinner, and the bunches upon bunches of ranunculus and tulips left over from mom's birthday. This holiday is always so quiet, calm and peaceful.




One really, really big project that I undertook for Max and Galina's wedding was making hundreds of paper flowers for the ceremony tree. The flowers were made out of crepe paper and each petal was individually glued on by hand. At first the job was unbearably tedious but towards the middle, after multiple hot-glue gun burns and failed flower attempts, I was able to start branching out from the standard flower we had planned on. The prettiest flowers were given to the bride for safe-keeping, but I got to keep the remaining beauties to hang in my office space as a reminder of what hard work and late-night hot glue gun action can achieve: seriously beautiful keepsakes.