Last weekend, my sister and I went out into the wild and picked a ton of flowers and foliage to make into bouquets. We managed to find some pretty incredible stuff out in the creepy woods and we made some pretty awesome stuff out of it too.



Here's that maternity session I promised yesterday. I literally squealed when I saw these photos for the first time. I'm the kind of gal that thinks most maternity shoots are totally cheesy and yet I somehow convinced my sister-in-law that it was a good idea. Julia is amazing with a camera. I couldn't have imagined a pregnant lady and her massive bump looking so beautiful!



Since I'll be welcoming the first baby girl into our family at the end of this week (via my older brother and his wife) I thought I'd share a few festivities surrounding the joyous occasion. I had the honor of hosting a baby shower with my older sister for our soon-to-be-niece a few weekends back. We  planned for something laid back, colorful, and feminine. I've never been a huge big fan of baby shower decor, but this was fun. We had so many fresh flowers that the house smelled of lilacs for days and days. The incredible Julia Manchik was on hand to capture all the lovely details.

Along with all the precious gifts, we also asked the guests to write a letter to baby girl. Each guest pulled a number out of a jar that represented an age. We then got to write her a letter full of wisdom, humor and encouragement for that year of her life. My sister-in-law will keep the letters in a baby book and present them to my niece at each birthday. I picked the number 5, so my niece will read the letter I wrote to her at her baby shower for her fifth birthday. Pretty sweet, huh?

Tomorrow I'll post some of my favorite shots from the maternity shoot that happened right after the shower. That Julia sure knows how to take some pretty pictures!



Although it's currently raining out and the clouds look a bit thunderous, I can't help but feel summer in the air. At the market this weekend, I saw buckets and buckets of fresh picked peonies in every delicious shade of coral and burgundy. The clothing catalogues arriving in my mailbox daily show models wearing pops of bright yellows and neon green. I really can't look outside and not expect to see the sun shining brightly. That will come soon enough, I suppose. Happy Monday!