I noticed that the last time you heard of my soon-to-be-neice was a little over a month ago at her baby shower and I never did give you an update. Miss Alexis Kae was born the morning of June 14th, right around nine pounds with sweet rosy cheeks and a head full of blonde hair. I'll definitely be sharing more photos as I take them, but for now these iPhone photos will just have to do. I never thought I'd love a tiny human like I love this one!



Funny thing about this years list is that it looks a whole lot like last years. whoops? I mean there is only so much I can accomplish in one summer with my hectic schedule, so I'll be happy if I even cross off one of these. Also, I realize this list is roughly a month late (another whoops), but we'll work through this, right friends? What's on your list for this summer? Anything I forgot to add?

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This weekend was such a rare treat. I didn't have a single commitment and my husband was out of town for most of the day. I gave the house a quick scrub and took care of all the laundry before hopping onto our couch and grabbing my things-I-really-want-to-look-at-but-don't-have-time pile. The pile is filled with store catalogs, magazines I purchased in the last month, handwritten letters I only had a second to glance at, and current reads. I can't tell you how much great stuff I hoard on my desk/coffee table/nightstand in hopes of one day reading and enjoying it. Amongst the insanity that is my typical schedule, it was so nice to sit down and read all about how to be neighborly in the new Kinfolk magazine and pick out industrial light fixtures for my future dream home. Hope your weekend was just as wonderful!