This week I will be celebrating my birthday. I've never been one to celebrate in any excessive way and I think I've actually only had one party in my entire existence. But then again I'm not a birthday-party-for-myself kinda gal anyway. I prefer pancakes and coffee to celebrate getting older. It's exciting to think that when someone asks me how old I am, it will sound like a nice respectable age. This year we headed to Irving Street Kitchen and sat under a big window looking out onto the street. It's fun to reminisce about the past year and to dream about all the things this upcoming year has in store for me. 



As if my internal seasonal calendar knows that summer is slowly winding down, all of a sudden my color focus has shifted from summery brights to autumn yellows and browns. I'm all for it though. We'll be sprucing up the house (and wardrobe) a bit before summer comes to an end so these warm tones will certainly be my go-to's. 

1) I think we made a bit of a mistake painting our bedroom gray. We really don't get enough light for the room to look great. However, this bedroom is so warm and bright. I'll definitely be referencing it as we redecorate. 
2) I can't help myself here. Big statement necklace to go with my all-black fall and winter wardrobe. Perfect!
3) Sweet little Portland poster. I have about eight empty spaces on my walls that you would look great on. 



The hubs and I will be taking off on a short road trip to Boise, Idaho at the end of this week. We'll be there to see one of my dear friends from high-school marry the love of her life. Hooray! My second favorite part of the trip will likely be visiting all the places I grew up around. I always tell my husband stories about my rowdy adolescence and I'm sure it'll be great for him to connect those stories to physical places. Another plus is that I'll be crossing off an item on my summer to-do list. Finally. I haven't been on a road trip in years and that probably has a lot to do with the fact that I have a great disdain for slow travel (a flight between here and Boise is just over and hour while the drive is 7 hours). I've mentioned in the past that I'm a pretty terrible travel companion so we will have to see if I've grown out of this stage or not. For the sake of my husband's sanity, let's hope so.