I wish more people got married and had birthdays in the fall. I want to wrap everything in the dry foliage I find on my cool evening walks. I guess it's a good thing I can't get my hands on all those natural treasures because my house would be filled with troves and troves of oak leaves and acorns.





After a particularly uneventful, yet productive Thursday morning, I realized that I had forgotten all about my favorite meal of the day. Upon realizing I'd skipped breakfast, I hurried to the kitchen to whip up something quick. Pancakes. We were out of our usual Kodiak Cakes Flapjack Mix, which is really the only packaged anything I purchase and only because there's a glorious bear pasted on the box. I got online and found a basic pancake recipe on Martha Stewart and I was pretty pleased with how they turned out. Actually, I ended up eating the entire batch if that says anything about how good they are.



This summer my husband and I took a short road trip to Idaho for a dear friend's wedding. I hadn't been back to Idaho since my sophomore year of high school, so I was excited to spend a little time showing my husband around my old hangouts. 

I tend to measure spans of my life with the homes I lived in. Whenever I bring up a story from middle school or high school I always reference the "Idaho House", the one with the big playroom that had the large window we would sneak into late at night. The same house where we had sleepovers on the trampolines all summer long. I even remember a time my sister and I ran away from home one summer, only to return a couple hours later because it was just too hot outside. No one in the house even noticed our absence, let alone bothered to read our letter of dissatisfaction left by the front door. 

When we got into town a few months back, nothing was how I remembered it to be. All the streets were smaller and far more busy. We visited the coffee shop where we'd hang out when we skipped morning classes and it didn't feel cool or hip, just dingy. Even the Idaho House just looked like a regular old house, on a regular old street in someone else's neighborhood. When we were driving home from our short stay, I couldn't figure out why so much of our trip felt empty to me. It wasn't until I got home and looked through all my photos that I realized that Idaho has become so much like a desert to me. I mean technically, it is a desert, but there was so much life when my family and friends lived there. I realized that even a place so dry and stale could become overwhelmingly lush with the right people in it.



A few weeks ago my sister got engaged. ENGAGED. My absolute favorite thing about an engagement is all the festivities that surround the couple. Parties here, parties there. It's really just a big celebration right up to the finale, the wedding. The first celebration was hosted at my brother's place in the woods last weekend. We strung up cafe lights in the gazebo, picked blackberries for the crumb cake, and collected bay leaf branches for the floral arrangements. It really was a great way to kick off the next eight months of parties. 



No color exudes fall to me like the color of those boots. It's the color of pumpkin pie, hot apple cider,  fallen leaves, and the late afternoon light filtering into my room. Everything about it is perfect.



Here are some shots from the summer I didn't get around to posting. We logged a few hours of swimming, hiking and sunbathing but I sorely wish it were many, many more. Shouldn't every day feel like summer does? 



September is over. What madness. Here's my month in a not-so-chronological order:

- I finished celebrating my birthday at the end of the month. It was a good one.
- Wearing my sequined birthday sweater. It was an amazingly ridiculous gift.
- I worked on a fantastic wedding this September. Can't wait to share the details.
- Met up with the fantastic Linnea for our monthly megaminds meeting.
- I drank more coffee this month than I would confess to.
- Some more favors from my favorite wedding this year.
- I enjoyed some of the last blooms of summer.
- Collected acorns for a little autumn project.
- I purchased a little travel notebook for my big trip to London next year.
- A little Sundate with the man to the book store.
- I got a sweet little surprise in the mail from Woodnote Photography.
- I enjoyed finding some great photo walls in my neighborhood.

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